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T-Nation Cookbook

Alright T-Nation, we all know that we can find bad ass diets here, but those diets only tell us what we can eat and when. Now how about some T-Nation recipes for damn good food. All of us have to be eating somehow, and I’ll bet most T-Nation members can cook. So let’s hear it, what are your best recipes? Maybe if we come up with enough, T-Nation will make the Testosterone cookbook.

I second the cookbook idea. If T-Mag published a nice thick one I’d buy.

It definitley would make life easier if I had some tasty AND healthy recipes. Great idea.

They’re not mine, but take a look at the recipes part of John Berardi’s website.


Excellent idea, I for one could use some recipes.

Well I can’t cook for shit, so I know I’d buy one, or two. I’ll front ya the cash for one! Tell me who to make the check out to!

Hey Guys,

I think that a T-Nation Cookbook would be a great idea (we already have a section on Grow Recipes made up!).

What do you think? Another contest for each category of the book? Pretty soon we can have a ton of recipes and throw it together into a nice little e-book format.

Just a thought.

I felt the need to revive this thread. If I eat another plain-ass chicken breast, I’m gonna grow a frickin beak!

Could there be a section on this website for different recipe ideas? No need to sink $ getting anything published.

Berardi is co-authoring a cookbook – don’t know if it will be a T-Nation product or not, but he mentioned it in another thread.

I can’t wait for Berardi’s cookbook to come out. He gave us a sneak of some of the types of recipes that would be in the book, protein muffins, granola bars, etc. I think he said it would be out sometime early 05’. If you go to his website I think you can sign up for his email list to receive a notice when it hits stands.

[quote]BostonBarrister wrote:
Berardi is co-authoring a cookbook – don’t know if it will be a T-Nation product or not, but he mentioned it in another thread.[/quote]

I find it’s easy to adapt any given recipe to a healthy T-Man recipe if you are experienced enough in the kitchen and know the fundamentals behind cooking, and don’t just follow recipes word for word. I recommend you all learn to cook! I learned from Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” on FoodTV, his books, and Cook’s Illustrated books and magazines.

The book is gonne be called Gourment Nutrition and its coauthored by Berardi and John Williams.

Although it would be cool if T-nation subscribers made a huge e-book, but equally cool and more realistic would be a cookbook of just T-nation contributors recipes. What does Lonnie Lowery mix with his PWO shake or what does TC eat in the middle of the night…stuff like that. The book could be divided up by author, type of meal( post workout, protein+fat…), or timing of meal ( middle of night, or breakfast). I dunno I would love to see what the “geniuses” of T-Nation have in their kitchen and what they do with it.

Anyone has ever read Dana Carpender’s low-carb recipes books?

It is rated 5 stars on Amazon.ca! and almost all 39 feedbacks are fully positives!

I feel really curious about it…but unfortunatly there’s no inside pictures preview available…on the web site…

Best cookbook I have ever found was “Stella’s Cookbook”. Great cookbook designed for people into weightlifting. Even has bar/shake recipes :slight_smile: