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T-Nation Convention?


just an idea stemming from the T-Nation member's map thingy. would be cool to have all the supp comps with their products (giving out free samples of Spike), famous trainers giving seminars and being able to meet other members. just an idea, what do you think?

p.s. i saw my first ever spoken of but never seen before, curls in the squat rack this morning. it was a thing of beauty. i really never thought anyone would really do that. it raped my eyes.


Are you talking about something like the DC Test Fest?

By the way, if you guys do have another Test Fest or Convention, I nominate to have it in LA.

Enough shallow babes for everyone to take back to their hotel rooms at night, and the farmacias of Tijuana are just a hop-skip and a jump away.


I think there's already something in the works for a Cali seminar in September, so stay tuned for more details.

Stay strong



Nah..I nominate Denver...it's closer to me. :slight_smile:


Or Colorado Springs.

That way we could take a tour of Biotest headquarters. Ooh, and the warehouse - so we could see the empty shelves where the Flameout goes.


I nominate North Carolina!

Come on everybody, who doesn't want to visit Fayetteville. Or Raleigh. I can make it to Raleigh.


If there is a Cali. seminar, I'm there!



I joined after the DC test fest, so you should do it again in DC so I can go. =D