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T-Nation Convention Sign Up:

T-Nation Convention sounds like a great idea. Seems like T-Nation would like a head count. So I am starting the thread: I like either Chicago or Las Vegas!! Lets see how big this thing gets!!

I don’t think that this is something Biotest is going to organize, ie. meeting rooms, hotels, etc. I’m sure they will attend if asked, but don’t expect there to be a convention just because there is a thread with 200 responses.
That said, if a motivated individual was to undertake the large task of organizing a convention I bet that individual could make enough money for it to be worth their time.
It’s not gonna be me, I can’t organize my sock drawer.

Why not instead just have the convention at/near the Arnold Classic? It seems as if a lot of T-Nationers attend, and I know Biotest was there last year slanging bottles of MAG-10. Instead of organizing a whole convention, just have like a banquet or something along those lines. Something where T-Nation members can feel “cut from a different cloth”. Without having to make a whole vacation out of it. Heck, they could even whip up some Legacy and sell it on the DL!
To ME!!!
Just kidding.