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T-Nation Contest of Skill


How about a T-Nation, world-wide contest of skill? T-Cells could spend the next couple months agreeing (over the forums) to create a contest. We could narrow it down to possibly 10 events and elect official judges and judgeing criteria for the contest as a whole. Then a year or possibly a year and a half we could get into larger groups across the nation (through out the world) to participate. We could include different feats or tasks based on everyones combined interests. A little from power-lifting, a little from sports related things, strong man/woman... Whatever we can put together. Possibly break it down by weight classes /ages / divisions if everyone wishes to. Consider this a bulletin board if this strikes your fancy. No commiments yet, but get some ideas out there.


We definitely must include Patinball. It is THE ultimate game of skill, tactic, agility and marksmanship.

Organize two teams of 10. Each team organizes itself as they wish, but one team could divide into an infantry uit to close in with and destroy the competing team - this team would be 6 members; 2 members for a sniper/forward observer team to move undetected and take out key enemy members by sniping them; a team of 2 to protect the base headquarters.

Those whove been in the Marines or in an infantry unit will know the tactics to use - these are the same tactics that should be used in an actual war, except now it's paintball.

The goal of the game will be to take out the enemy's headquarters.


I'll "play"


Diesel23 you know I did not have paintball in mind at all. I was envisioning more of a T-Nation Olympics. But the way you described it makes it sound ideal. How about we do exactly as you said yet we carry a 20-40 lb pack on our backs for added realism. No, I'm not kidding or being sarcastic. I'm looking for a test of skill and might. That could be ideal- how the hell do you moving swiftly, quietly, when you are hauling a pack on your back? We could even make it a straight up war game. We have to hike to an insertion point with an 80 lb pack, drop 40 lbs as if we were setting up a foward base, then hike further to the actual conflict. I'd still like a few other events as well though- I'm electing you if we do this, to be the leader in charge of "The Game". The other events should be organized and cordinated by people who know a lot about them such as yourself. For instance Patricia could organize 2-3 strong woman/man events etc.


I think the "Paintball Game" could really be competition on its own. If you want a meaningful hike with a 40 lb. pack and then have war play, that's going to take the better part of the day.

As for the skills test, I'm all for it. I'm thinking 3 components:

Strength-endurance - These could be your strongman-type events. You could also add push press with bodyweight for repetitions to this list.

Pure strength - This would be your PL event. The easiest would be to just do the deadlift because it's a very popular lift amongst the T-folk (I think every photo critique recommends doing the deadlift), requires the least amount of equipment (no bench or squat rack needed), and is probably the easiest to judge (no controversy as to whether you went parallel on the squat or paused long enough on the bench, although there is that hitching problem).

Odd/old-time lift - I like the one-arm snatch or one-arm clean and jerk with a barbell. I prefer the one-arm lifts because they're a good test of skill and I think they're a bit easier to learn than the full Olympic lifts. This way, people who might not have access to Olympic-lift coaching or who have never really done the lifts won't feel like they can't compete, because even if someone is an experienced O lifter, the one-arm versions using a 7' bar are a whole different ballgame. Also, the one-arm versions stopped being performed since I don't know when, so it will have an old-school quality to it.


mmmm paintball..

I think a pack would be a cool idea. Would greatly limit the amount of movement someone could do.

Of course you would need a field that allowed such movement and provided lots of places to hide, I dont think the pack would really be useful in a typical smaller open field with man made barricades on the ground.

Another thing to look at with paintball is the equipment being used. Comparing "stock" guns using c02 to peeps with custom setups using nitrogen is night and day.
Last time I played (about 1 month ago) out of the group of ~24 there was 2 guys with totally custom setups + nitrogen, and man those guns would shoot flat for absurd distances.

Then you went down to the rest of us using co2, and then the custom guns tended to be better than the regular ones, but not as much so. Yeah some were flatter and more even in placement, but they also tended to be finicky if they were too custom (talking more than just a barrel).

I think the most important part though is the field. You gotta have a nice woodsy layout for realism. I just can't get into that rapid shot 100x100 field with all manmade stuff in it.


Check out Strend www.strend.com

How many of you out there think you can achieve the standard. The winners are exceptional.


AirSoft!!! :wink:


yeah baby yeah!


fitNforty- I checked Strend out. That is definately along the lines of what I orginally imagined. I would like one power oriented move though like cleans. The idea of doing each event within a total amount of time is perfect! Also using bodyweight as a determination of how much you will be tested with is exactly what I was thinking. The run could be done with or without weight as well I think.


I am going to do strend soon when I feel I am worthy. I'd like to get my run down under 20 minutes for the 3 miles. Some of the results are amazing, I think one person benched his bodyweight over 60 times.

I am not sure too many folks on this site would fare well.


fitNforty- awesome! I'm sure you will do well. I honestly don't think I would place that well, I could finish everything under time but not nearly as well as some of those folks did. I am only 24 though and by the time I'm 30 I'd expect to kick some serious ass in an event like that. Goodluck and let us know how you did!