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Was rather bored so I came up with a cool topic just to past the time.

In the comic book realm, in theory of these characters who do you think could possibly win in a battle? Or would it be tied?

We’ve got:

The Spectre

The One Above All

The Phoenix Force (x-men)

The Living Tribunal

The Beyonder (to an extent)

There are other cosmic beings, you can suggest, but I narrowed it down a lot simply because these entities posses reality warping, omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, and powers to create/destroy live which trumps quite a bit of the other cosmic characters that have been made.

Also if you wish to add battles between other characters that you feel would be evenly matched feel free to do so. You can bring characters from another comics such as OPM vs. Dragon-ball, marvel vs. DC, Etc.


Who would you wanna put him up against?

Tbh anyone. But I would happily sit back and watch spawn go at it with sentry forever

I don’t think I’d put him up against any of the ones listed above simply because he doesn’t possess a cosmic force, or there isn’t one leeching off of him. He is immortal, up until he exhausts all his powers.

I’d pit him against Captain America, Superman, Ghost Rider, One Punch Man, maybe even Spectre or Gambit.

Spawn and Sentry balance eachother out really well. His Necromancy against light manipulation/transmutatation makes for an interesting YouTube battle where they exhaust all their abilities in a fight.

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That’s why cosmics suck a bit…they’re too broken. Unless we’re also talking uber spawn when he killed god and satan and was all powerful. Which was rediculous and awesome in equal measure

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I think spawn v cap would be a total mismatch. Cap is my fave but he’s dead in seconds there.
Now cap vs colossus on the other hand would be rad, and the dialogue would be so polite

Well we actually could use uber spawn.

I’d like to see him go against One Punch Man. OPM can defeat any enemy literally with one punch. He’s technically a mock character since his abilities ridiculous.

Then we could see Uber Spawn go against TOAA or living tribunal.

Then I’d like to see Spawn fight Goku or any of the Saiyans.

I’d love to see a video about hypotheticals concerning Cap. America and Colossus. He’d def. give Captain America a run for his money.

And then I’d like to see Colossus v. Bane, Or Gorilla Grodd.

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Is Spawn still a thing? I have the first 25 comics somewhere (or, more likely, the good lady “misplaced” them while moving).

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For us nerds it will always be a thing lol


Live action looking to come out next year i think. Seth McFarlane says it’ll be dark like the hbo series so it should be amazing

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Flash.flash can defeat anyone

I actually wrote out a good reason why the flash isn’t necessarily the best. Against Quiksilver, if the Flash isn’t channeling the Speed Force, he can be beaten by other quicksters, or even reality warping beings. Quicksilver isn’t only metabolizing extremely quickly, he’s also able to warp reality around himself, and warp reality around others.

Put the Flash up against against another cosmic force and he doesn’t really stand a chance, because the Speed Force operates in its own realm. Flash has to call or summon it.

I’d bet my bottom dollar to see Flash exhaust all possible means to beat Superman. I’d like to see more of exactly what the Speed Force is and what it encompasses. Because it seems to be up in the ranks with the Phoenix Force.