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T-Nation.com vs. Biotestedge.com


Whenever I buy supps, I buy it from T-Nation.

My question is why does T-Nation sell Grow!, Metabolic Drive, and Surge (to name a few) suppliments that Biotestedge.com doesnt? And the same the other way around, Biotestedge.com has TRIBEX, why doesnt T-Nation?

One more: why is Alpha Male so much more expensive at Biotestedge.com?


Shhhhhhhhhh! We are lucky to know about the differences between the two. Let's just say we get the membership discount here.


Membership has its privileges!


Living in Australia I have no choice, I am not able to buy off T-Nation. I have to use Biotest Edge or Biotest Australia and pay the extra.

Just consider yourself lucky if you can use T-Nation.


I do... does that mean you cant get Metabolic Drive or Surge, either?


I can get them through Biotest Australia/New Zealand.