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T-Nation.com Over TV

How many of you would rather surf tnation.com or some other areas of the Internet than watch TV?

Am I the only one who doesn’t watch TV shows at all or very small amounts?

  • Watch TV more
  • Surf Internet More

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Yeah, not a big TV guy. Most of my surfing is via mobile while the wife watches her shows. I’ll watch baseball or football or some comedy. Don’t have the time to commit to a show.

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I have the internet but this is the only social media site I’m on. I have one local channel on tv so I’m not tempted to get sucked into sitting around. I love sports but prefer buying tickets to the game/fight or going to a sports bar :grinning: I’m honestly happy without and enjoy interacting with the real world!


How many people didn’t know we could poll using the new forum software?


Why do you think I post so much, got cable back friday. My dad is retired loves football, give us stuff to talk about on weekends, plus free fights spike,fs1 etc. Mainly jre, fatk, and mark bells powercast.

Ya… I just love binge watching Friends re-runs with the wife, so much

The wife and I watch a handful of shows together and I watch football; otherwise, we watch movies or I’ll play video games/scroll the web.

I probably read more than all of the above.

Dr. Seuss doesn’t count as reading if you’re older than 7 dude.

Sorry to break the news to you


Damn it Polo. :okay:

Only running a new poll about the poll will help us with the answer…


There’s one or 2 shows I’ll watch on TV, sometimes when I’m working with my at home disabled clients we’ll put the travel channel on in the background. The internet, and T-nation specifically offer so much information that I could never get from staring at the boob tube for hours on end

I have a toddler at home, so the TV is always tuned to Disney, or Nick, or Sprout. This leaves me constantly reading the 'net on my phone.



Frankly, I do not know why there is no …


There is a T-Nation channel on youtube…


No TV for me… but I did enjoy Vinyl last year.