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T-Nation College Football Thread


It's here. I've been waiting for this moment since January 5th...

I'll start out by announcing my team...
Been to every home Hurricanes game since I was seven... Now in my home away from home its much more difficult to sit behind the TV. But I still am 100% Hurricanes.

Let's hear it...

Who is your team...

talk it up...



Go Big Red! Hopefully they will be back before too long...

Fall and Football.....best time of the year!!


Double Virginia Tech grad. Two current starters were students of mine while I was earning my Master's there.




...playing FSU on monday, wish i could have gone...



[center][b]GO CANES[/b][/center]


First and foremost, I am a GATOR!

However, I'm also a Florida Seminole, Nebraska Cornhusker and Oklahoma fan.


I didn't know it was legal for a Gator to cheer for the Seminoles. Gators are traditionally the worst about even considering cheering on another Florida team. Hell, I've watched Gators who root against FSU even if it meant it would improve UF's standings.

It's a shame Miami won't be playing UF this year though. I think UF has has enough though :).

Miami > FSU ... 7 straight.


I suppose I don't need to answer that. So I'll just say...




Fear the 'stache...


Impossible, illegal, immoral, digusting....

A true, blue Gator or Seminole fan would root against the other team even if they were playing the University of Bin Laden.


How 'bout dem Noles?


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Well, I wasn't born here, but I've spent more than half my life here and as a Gator fan (and a graduate of UF). I like good football, even if it's a team I'm supposed to hate and not ever root for, even if it helps us in the standings. The Seminoles have a good program, and as long as it doesn't affect the Gators, I'll watch their games and root them on.

I'd like to see them play again in the future. Give the new coach and team a chance for redemption. Especially after the one game in Miami when the Gators were dominating them...only to lose in the fourth quarter (hmmm...sound familiar? Oh yeah, that was common during the Zook era).

LOL! Possibly. We'll see if FSU can turn things around this time.

I can't believe my Sooners lost to TCU today! That's messed up. Sooner Nation is hurting now. GO USC!!! lol!


Sooner nation is grabbing it's ankles.


Sorry BuckeyeGirl but ever since the Terry Porter horseshit... I refuse to even call Ohio State a football team.

Clarett wasn't even elligible to play and Terry Porter had his head up his ass when he made that call...

Yes, Canes should have had it way before OT, but that call was just terrible.


It'd be nice to see Pitt come back and be one of the kings of the Big East again.


I'm not a fan of the Big East conference. I think it gets a bad rap and is better than the media portrays it to be, but Eastern football is too fragmented right now with PSU in the Big Ten(11) and BC in the ACC. With that said, if anyone can bring Pitt back to the elite of CFB, it's Wannstedt. It wouldn't surprise me if Pitt is a regular in the top 15 or even top 10 within the next 3-5 years.


I'm not sure I see it happening with Pitt in the Big East. Even with Virginia Tech, Miami, and Boston College in the conference, the national media bitched about the automatic BCS berth pretty much any year Miami didn't win it. Pitt may get stuck in the situation where they run up a very good record every year, but all the talking heads can say is "who did they beat?" It happened to Virginia Tech during our run to national prominence.



The BE still has an automatic BCS berth and based on the new rules in place for retaining it when a review is up in a few years, the conference will keep the auto bid. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the BCS is dead by the time this review is up anyway. The Harris Poll will be the BCS' indoing IMO.

Regardless, when VT was being bitched at for playing in the Sugar Bowl against FSU, the BE was a top-heavy league with a poor record OOC. While there are no dominant programs in the current BE, it's clear that the league is far more balanced now with a lot more quality programs in the middle of the conference than there were in the lat 90's. Now, if a program with past history of being elite and with a lot of tradition like Pitt can once again reach that level, the PR nightmare that VT faced will be significantly reduced. Of that, I'm fairly certain.


I also want to add that Pitt's future OOC schedule will mitigate any "who did they beat?" talk. Over the next few years, we've got a home-and-home series with UVA, MSU, Iowa, VT, Clemson, NC St. and a one-game (as of now) matchup with Miami. There's word that either another Big 12 (Pitt's had a home and home with A&M and NU recently) will fill in one of the remaining spots.