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I think I started hijacking another thread, so I figured I would post an entirely new thread over here.

Last year, Team Staley invited me to join their group for three months. Through it I recieved more than just 3 months of EDT and a pat on the back for my progress. I felt like I was personally under the tutilege of one of the great strength coaches of our day.

Before I joined Team Staley, I would bumble from lifting program to lifting program. sometimes I would finish it, more often though, I would get ADD and jump off a couple weeks into it. Under Charles, I really learned HOW to lift. Not technically, but got more of a philosophical undersatnding of what I was actually trying to do in the gym. And his principles stretched out into other aspects of my life.

Since then, I havent had lifting ADD. I feel like I truly know what I am doing in the gym and where I am going. I am not tied to a particular program and am not afraid to try things that arent specifically called out on my excel spreadsheet. And I learned to have fun with the lifts.

When you join his group, you become part of an inner circle. The Team Staley family is all about helping each other achieve gains that alone would be impossible. Even though we are spread all over the country, you really feel tied to each other. through the forums and weekly coaching calls and his boot camps. you really make friends with VERY similar goals. No one will rag on you for eating cottage cheese or non flavored oatmeal.

On his coaching calls, once a month he will invite a special industry leader. Whether is was Chad Waterbury, Lonnie Lowery, Pavel, whoever. Even Dan John has been known to lurk on the coaching calls.

And you have his nuclear option. Julianne, who is like the mom we all need. she hugs you when you need one, but whips you ass when you deserve it. And she is not afraid. you also have virtually unlimited access to Charles himself. He will talk about lifting, physique goals, or just life in general. He is not afraid to extend the goal oriented principles learned in the gym to EVERY aspect of your personal life.

At one of his boot camps, I believe he started off by saying "YOU ALL NEED TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS" WTf? I thought we were going to learn how to deadlift properly. Personally, I think Charles should become a spiritual guru.

Nutrition was an entirely different issue. It was more of a constantly nagging issue in the back of my head. We have all read John Berardi's and Lonnie Lowery's articles. But man, how are you going to balance your daily calorie intake, using which model, when do I switch from fat loss to bulking, and dont even me get started on Acid / Base.

So, I saw that JB had a coaching group offered with his services. A year's worth of programming (training and nutrition) costs about what you would be spending on a month's worth of supps.

Plus, with his advice, you will shed the unnecessary supps and actually make money on the deal while suprassing the gains you would have made not being on the program but taking an NO2 enhancer. (I hope that wasnt confusing).

Anyway, with Berardi's Scrawny to Brawny System, you just plug in and go. No questions asked. Eat what he tells you, in the amounts that he tells you, at the times he tells you, and train how he tells you. Done. All you do is rinse and repeat.

I am a jet engine engineer working on the assembly floor for the Joint Strike Fighter. I often work 65 hours in 5 days when we are shipping an engine out the door. Typically, I dont have time to play fuck fuck with my diet / training. I need to know, or at least have an idea of what I am doing and where I am going when the week begins. This program is perfect for me right now because I just follow the steps laid out for me. and I know that the advice is infinitely better than anything I would come up with by laying out all the articles out in front of me and piecing a plan together.

I have been on Berardi's program for a little under a week. I cant speak to personal results, but you can be rest assured that guys alot smarter than me on this topic are pumping out tried and true information.

I can speak to the resources he lays out for you. he gives you access to several lectures that tie the bredth of his information together in an easy to understand focused point. You also get body mass and calorie calculators, and thousands of articles written by many of the industry's leaders.

I can see where Berardi's program will lead me. Much like Team Staley taught me how to train, Science Link will teach me how to eat. Or how to apply what I know.

Several of us on T-Nation have joined these groups, and I cant think of anyone who feels they wasted their time or money by joining one. Even though the articles are 6 inches up in the archives, you will find that making it interactive will make your training / nutrtion experience infinitely more rewarding.

thats all I have to say. I know that Charles and John Berardi wont toot their own horns, so I am trying to do it for them. Thanks to both of you for helping me take the next steps toward a life filled with health and some jacked up pecs.

Anyone else have experience in the coaching groups?


Wow- thanks for the plug Jodgey. You are right , I will kick your ass,but that is because you were such a whiny baby so often. Nah, just joshin'..You make me proud-keep up the good work-Jules


I'd love to work directly with some of the T-Nation coaches. They just all seem to be in damn Arizona or near it. Or Canada. East Coast gets no love. Oh, well. Their articles, programs, and advice has still improved my training a lot.



I'm just a seven-hour drive away! :slight_smile:


EC, I drove 10 minutes to work out with you and even THAT seemed like too much effort for what it was worth. LOL Just kidding, big guy. When are we going back to the dungeon? I'm ready... (hmm, that sounds a little too Ace and Gary).



Great! When should I expect you at my house? lol. Actually, I didn't realize you were in Connecticut. Congratulations in the PL meet, by the way.


Shit, EC, I totally forgot to take you up on your offer. Dude, if ther eis ever a good time to meet up in teh dungeon, man I am there. You name the time, I will take vacation from work if I need to.


Sorry, fellas; I moved to Danbury yesterday. I'm at South Side, starting tomorrow.

I can still make the trek up sometime, though.

Kuz - Ryan is still training there; the three of you ought to meet up.



I was actually in Erie, PA on July 10-11. I'm not sure that I'll ever make it back there again, though! :slight_smile:


hehe. No worries. If my only visit to PA had been to Erie, I might never make it back either. haha. (hope no one from there is insulted)


Jodgey wrote:

Personally, I think Charles should become a spiritual guru.

Funny you should mention that- call 1-800-charlessaysso for more information. Why do you think he call's it a "compound' around here. -Jules


Yeah where are the coaches in Tx. all alone here, hehee just kidding


If John Berardi is reading this, I have a question about his diet plan. Through it, he goes over the caloric expenditures associated with eating and exercising. I was wondering where, in your new energy balance model, do you account for having to run to the bathroom to take a dump every 1.5 hours? I know that it isnt thermic effect of food, cuz there is way too much mechanical energy being spent. holy god. maybe the NEPA?


Hey, does Team Staley offer this same type of personalised advice and coaching sessions as a service that we can pay for?

I think getting picked for the giveway is great, but I'm sure there are lots of people willing to pay for this (which would be worth every penny).

I'd be interested, but need to get a job first. Unemployment checks and the GI Bill just doesn't cut it, but I'm sure I'll find one soon.

Something like this will be on my priorities list though, especially now that I'm sticking to my workout and eating schedules and have been seeing great results in the last few months.

I just know my results can be better with more 1 on 1 coaching.


It's funny that Staley and Berardi were mentioned specifically, because they've been Guru's to me too! You just can't go wrong with guys like that.

It's also interesting to hear the comments about training with Cressey, because...


Jeez, I started reading this thread and was thinking -- wow, great props for Charles. I know he does a great program but wow -- unsolicited, enthusiastic feedback -- way to go.

Then I saw my name there! Brought a tear to my eye.

Thanks for the great feedback on our program! We worked hard to make the S2B Coaching Group the ultimate tool box for anyone interested in improving their muscle mass and strength.

It's nice to know it's appreciated!


Haven't you read my adjunct article to massive eating -- massive dumping (especially article number 2 - ha, ha)?


What up John. I'm expecting your book at my doorstep in the next few days. I'm really excited, im a true scrawny bastard and as a team i hope i can finally put on some serious mass.



You bet SWR- we have different levels to fit every need and budget. Give me a call at 800-519-2492 when you are interested and I will hook you up. This applys to any who are interested .-Julianne