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T-Nation chapter in Ft. Lauderdale

I live in Boca/Deerfield Beach area, and would be interested in starting a chapter here. Are there any t-men, t-vixens out here?. peace

I’m also in the Boca/Deerfield area about a mile north of Deerfield beach. I train at World 's Gym on Glades and occasionally at Planet Fitness on Palmetto.

Great, atleat one T-man in the area. Unfortunately I signed a contract with Bally so I am kinda stuck with them, I would have really preferred Golds or world. Anyways, may be we can meet up sometime and see where we can take this chapter, you can email me at [not allowed on forum- MOD]

Hey Spuddy, the mods never let e-mail addresses get through, but maybe we can hook up at Bally’s or something sometime. After reading the TC article about the cells/chapters/packs or whatever, I’ve been expecting something from them about helping us t-man get together since we can’t exchange e-mails. However, I think they may be expecting us to take the inititive.

Aha:(, ok let me know whats a good time for you, during the week days I go to Bally’s during my lunch hour and normally rushin a bit, but I can alwasy meet after work (6ish) or on the weekends

Live in boca, train up in Lake Worth (job related). Nice to have other T-Men in the area.

Welcome to the chapter, we all should decide when to meet up. How about this or next weekend?

How about including Miami. I am in SOBE.

Ofcourse Miami is included buddy. It be great if there are 8-10 of us.