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T-Nation Changed My Life


Just thought I'd share with you all a few major changes I have implemented after reading this forum for a while.

Let me start by saying I began lifting at age 16 back in 1991. For about 12 of those interim years, my lifting was all bench-centric with a calorie-deficient diet. I learned terrible habits and didn't know they were wrong, much less how to break them. All I knew was that my progress was terrible and something needed to change. It wasn't for my lack of effort either!

Back in early 2005, I met a guy who did the Westside style of lifting and it began the transformation of my understanding of weightlifting. After that, I found this forum. Here's a list of things I have learned and implemented, and with it come my deepest thanks for those who take the time to share their knowledge.

  1. From a calorie-deficient diet, I have changed to a calorie-rich diet with proper timing. The result is a gain of 20 pounds of lean body mass in 6 months time.

  2. From a bench press-centric workout, I have changed to an olympic lift-centric workout. Deadlift and squats are the foundation for my oly lifts. I'm still very weak on them after having neglected them for 15 years, but at least I know where and how to work now. My pants size has increased by 4 inches solely because of the new size of my glutes. I have managed to grow a human-sized buttocks finally.

  3. From static stretching, I have changed to mobility exercises that energize my body instead of weaken it before a hard lift. I don't injure myself during workouts like I used to.

  4. From isolation exercises and split routines, I have changed to compound exercises and full-body routines. I don't do curls, extensions, or any exercise with a ROM less than bench press. Ironically, by giving up curls and extensions, my arms have grown stronger.

  5. I have learned how to prioritize my workout time and not waste it on useless exercises.

  6. From "tanking" (running out of energy) and yawning during my workouts, I have changed to being fully energized throughout. This has to do with mobility drill warmups, but also the proper timing of high-GI carbs during the workout.

  7. From using nautilis machines, I have changed to using only the power rack, barbells, heavy dumbells, and sandbags for my workouts. I feel as if my strength is much more usable for everyday tasks now.

  8. From being frustrated, I have become inspired.

I still have a long way to go to get my lower body up to speed. But thanks to the good citizens and managers of this board, I always have fresh ideas and inspiration. Rock on, T-Nation!



great job, mazel mazel.

T-Nation also saved me a boat load on car insurance! :slight_smile:


Im with you man. I started lifting in 2003 But I didnt find T-Nation until about 2005.

When I started I was 135lb pulling workouts out of bodybuilding mags. Progress stalled and I was unmotivated. But then I started reading T-Nation and understanding fitness and my body in general. Things that i thought were impossible now seem attainable. I'm 160 now, stronger and Im gonna being pursuing a career in the nfl (after I gain some more weight and strength).


Congrats! You are on the right site.


Good job.

Is that you in your avatar?


Keep up the good work, my friend. You're in good company.

-Mod Zen