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I need some advice from T-Nation on a career decision. Currently I am working at an Oilfield service company in the accounting department. As you may be able the guess the work is unfulfilling for numerous reasons that I will not go into, however it is a secure job that pays the bills. I must admit I do not love my job, but I could tolerate it for awhile if I had to.

So a few weeks ago a friend of mine who is a CHEK practitioner tells me his company is hiring. I am somewhat qualified being Poliquin theory level 1 certified, however I would need to attain the CHEK exercise coach cert. once hired, which is not a problem. The problem comes in with pay. I would clear $22.00 dollars and hour after taxes, but that is only when I have clients. No clients no pay. Now the company does set up the appointments and when I interviewed with them they said I would be booked solid in about 2 months. Also there are no benefits, and the drive is about an hour and fifteen minutes.

I know that everyone has heard a similar story and this is nothing new, but I would like some advice from the Nation. This is a huge risk that I am taking being married and all. My wife is O.K. with me taking the leap because she wants to see me do something I love. However, I feel a string obligation to provide her with some security.

I big part of me says stop being a pussy (Kill Yourself) and do it, the other part of me says do not be selfish and irresponsible, you should appreciate the job you have, there are many who are a lot less fortunate.

Shoot me straight T-Nation should I take the risk or stay where I am at?

Thanks for all of your help.

Note: If I decide to take the new job I must give my 2 week notice today. So let me know soon.


The only risks I take in regards to family, wife and my kids are VERY calculated. So if you've thought it all through and it sounds like you have, I say go for it. Most of the "risks" I've taken have all turned out to be good.


Only do it if you love the idea of coaching and will do it properly - meaning you will learn all you can ect.

If you will put your all into coaching - then you are doing a diservice to society as a whole by staying at your current boring job that anyone could do - why put someone highly qualified in something at a job that other people w/o higher qualifications can do?

So in reality you are hurting the clients you would have had (assuming you would have been good) and you are hurting whomever would have taken your job, that isn't good at anything else.

In economic terms, the opportunity cost of being a coach is much better than the cost of staying where you are.

but you really have to decide that yourself. So, will you love being a coach and put your all into it?


The drive might wear down your motivation, does for me...2 hour round trip. If no kids, then risks aren't as high.

Whats the "potential" outlook for your current job versus the one your considering? Is there anything you can fall back on if your new job doesn't work out?

I'm in Civil Engineering...not that exciting. But it pays the bills, and my wife is happy...and that helps keep me happy.


Thanks for your advice, that first step of the cliff, before you can see the net is a bitch.

I would like to hear other's opinions.

I guess what I am looking for permission in a way. This has been discussed on T-Nation before.


First off thank you for your response. To answer your question at the end of your post I would put my all into coaching as I have done in the past. I was a strength coach / personal trainer while attending college.


Thanks for your response, my current job in the oilfield is stable at the time, but this is the oilfield and things can change fast, real fast. Plus, even though I work in the oilfield, I do not agree with most of the business policies and questionable ethics displayed by this industry.

As for my specific job it looks like I will continue to eat shit and push paper for awhile if I decide to stay here, maybe this will become a little more clear when I give my notice.

The coaching job that I am considering may have an outstanding outlook. The money will be great if I am as busy as they say I will be. However, if they are really that busy why not offer me a salary and benefits? One positive sign is that they are building a brand new facility, so they must be pretty booked, right?


From industry experience (about 15 yrs worth), I've never seen someone starting out and be booked solid in 2 months. It generally takes longer than that to build a client base and solid reputation. Be wary of promises clubs make to get you in a contract. Read carefully and watch out for things like "non competition and radius clauses".

Follow your passions, but go in eyes open.


I say go for it ! If it is something you truely love then you will find a way to make it work .

Oh and does the company you are speaking of happen to be located in Baton Rouge and happen to have a name thats starts with the letter F ?


I have given my two weeks notice and will take the chance on doing what I love.

Thanks for all of your input.

"Leap and the net will appear"