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T-Nation Cafe

Lets go ahead and make up the menu of a T-Nation Restaurant . That would be THE SHIT if one of these actually got built. The menu will, of course, be broken into P+F of P+C meals. This is a SHORT starter.

Drinks : Diet Coke, Roobtbeer, and Sprite for all you glutons, and 5 flavors of Grow! and Surge for everyone else. Water will be served in a 64 Oz glass.

Appetizers :

  • Chicken Breasts (P+F)

    • Your favorite! Lean Protein cut in strips and served with a side of celery.
  • Hand full O’ Nuts (P+F)

    • Cup of mixed nuts… What were you expecting?

Main Meals :

-Chicken Salad (P+C)

  • 2 whole chicken breats served atop romaine lettuce. Topped with corn, black beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Served with a Baked pototoe (no butter or sour cream either, fat ass)

Deserts :

  • Grow! Pudding
    • Man it up and eat some of this thick Grow! conconction… You might be a “health nut” if you order this.

Ha ha ha :smiley: That’ll be the day!

Here’s another dessert:

  • Shake o’ Nuts (P+F)
    Delicious, ice-cold shake with Low Carb Chocolate Grow!, crunchy peanut butter (no sugar added!), pecans and flaxseed all blended into one healthy mother of a drink. If you can take some lactose, then make it creamier by ordering it with 1% milk.

Somebody better get some damn beef on the menu. How do you expect to bulk with the worst tasting food know to mankind (chicken breast)?

Where’s the whole eggs? The milk?


How 'bout a small serving of tofu with a side dish of frosty soymilk.

Just Kidding!

More like a BIG lean hunk of steak, seasoned with spicy garlic-pepper sauce and served with a reasonable (small) bowl of steamed veggies.

…washed down with lightly sweetened tea. Yum yum!


what would the atmosphere be like? A place like this would do great in Vegas…I can just see it now…pics of Arnold, Lou, Lee…all of the greats on the walls…Waitresses dressed in nothing but a T-Nation shirt and g-strings…oversized tables…weights in the urinals…I think I’d live there.

I think that if you’re going to have a place centered on Testosterone, you’d need to have some FUCKING RED MEAT on the menu for god sakes! Howabout a 64 ounce steak with some grilled vegies and a big spinach salad.

The appetizer will be a cap of Spike to help you keep your focus while workin on that steak, and a drink would be something along the lines of a half gallon of iced green tea.

As for a dessert… well… if you eat that steak you don’t need no stinking dessert!

Is there a gym conected to this cafe? If there is, then you also have to serve Surge.

T-Nation Cafe is my kitchen then… well, next week cause all my crap is still in boxes.

Thats what I’m sayin! We have to make up the menu on here, and maybe we can get some good eatin ideas.

Obviously Berardi’s book will be on the menu.

Steak will come in 32/64/128 oz portions.

The T-Nation slider (aka miniburger) plate will be 6 “mini” 1/2 pound burgers served with a side veggies (1 lb)