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T-Nation C2 500m Sprint Competition


I've been doing 500m intervals 1 day a week and today I went and rowed my first one pretty hard. I'm going to keep doing this and to keep motivation high as these things really suck, let's have a little competition.

Whoever wants to take part, find a C2 rower and row 500m for time. Use the computer on the machine and program it for a 500m go so it will stop exactly when you hit 500. I did not do this today. Post your times here, do it once or do it weekly but keep posting your times.

I did ~1:37 today and I have a bit more in me. It put me somewhere around #220 in ranking on the C2 website. #1 was 1:17. I want to get down to 1:30 within 8 weeks.

Good luck to all.


I'm in!

Pulled a 1.31.0 this evening. I'm aiming for a consistent sub 1.30 by summer.


I'm in. I compete a lot with friends. It's fun, and gives you a reason to give 100% at training.
I don't keep track of times, so I see this a reason to begin.


Tried it today after boxing, got a 1:23 first try and 1:30 on the 2nd. Im gonna try it again when Im fresh, todays attempts were after training and conditioning.


Well I started the thread, but then it got warm out so I'm running sprints instead of C2'ing it. My contributions will be sparse but I'll add times when I do them.


Let's keep this thread alive.

But I must say I haven't done the C2 in a while, but I think my last 500 was juts under 2 minutes...like 1:56 or something.


I've been pulling two and three minute intervals the past few weeks.

Yesterday I pulled five three minute intervals at about a 1:51ish/500M average.

I've also been pulling two minute intervals with 10 seconds at full speed and 10 seconds at low intensity to get used to the feel of a faster pace. It really gasses me out.

Hopefully I'll take a shot some 500m intervals this weekend.

@ cutthroat: That 1:23 is sick!


Thanks bro....I didnt even know it was a decent time lol... I just started using the c2 machine but i like it so far. Its easy on the knees when i take days off from prowler, sprints and hill-sprints.


that should be motivation for all of us !


its been a while since ive been on an erg but i will defiantly row a 500m tomarrow


fuckin Pudz..... that guy does everything!



I did a 1:32.xx a few years back...



New to posts here really, but

Friday April 09, 2010 ran mile usual mile warm-up then did the 500m 1:48 was my time.

What damper setting do you use? Or does it matter? No one at my gym can really answer any of the questions about the rower!


did a 1:31.7 at a #6 resistance


Use a setting between 5 and 6.


5-6 is about right for me. The damper setting is used to generate drag. Most C2s have a setting where you can test the drag at a given damper setting. The C2 website (http://www.concept2.com/us/default.asp) and forum has some info in it. I copied this from there:

"Row a few strokes to get the flywheel spinning and the monitor will display the drag factor number.

Then adjust the damper lever so that you're in this range:

Male hwt 125-140
Female hwt 120-135
Male lwt 120-135
Female lwt 115-125"

They also have a section where you can rank your times. If you set the ranking parameters right (age, weight, sate, city) you can you can get a pretty good ranking...so far I'm the best in Baltimore in 2010-LOL.


Thanks for the response. I will give it a try today!


Ran my 1.5 mile warmp-up did my workout and then shot for a new time

Got it witnessed by one of the gym trainers for the concept2 website

Age/Bdywght 35 / 205

Damper halfway between 5.5 (there is a line between 5 and 6 I set it at that)

Time: 1:41:05

Not bad I guess I really need to try this fresh, I could barely walk when I was done!


Ya rowing will do that to you. now row a 2k with an all out sprint at the 300m mark


Just pulled a 1:29.1/500m. Started a bit too strong and couldn't to stay below a 1:30 pace for the last 200m. I may try and pull a few 250m intervals later in the week to work on pace.


I got to start working in a few 2K's. My best time in the last year or so @ 2K was 7:12 but I haven't pulled more than 4 minutes at once in awhile.