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Hey all, I'm officially selling my car and buying a motorcycle. Just wondering who else out there took the plunge, what kind of bikes you guys ride, and hoping you had advice for a noobie biker.

The bike I'm thinking about getting (keep in mind, my pricerange is low): 1976 Yamaha 1100cc cruiser, maroon and black, nice shape with chrome crash bars, nice windshield, and saddlebags, 21k mi.

As an aside, if anyone knows of a good bike shop here in Sacramento, please let me know.



This is mine. 2004 Yamaha R600. the next bike I get will probably be a Busa or an R1, but I am waiting to see what the 2007/2008 model looks like. This one has held up great and allowed me to get my skills where they need to be. In all reality, if it wasn't for the size of the bike in relation to me, I have no problem with the R6 at all.


Don't know which Yammie you mean but I know someone with an 1100 cruiser its called V-Star or something and I think its mid 90's. Cool bike.

I had a series of bikes which were not that cool including a CBR250N super dream and a VRF400R, then got a GPX750R Kawasaki which was quite old but pretty fast, did about 140 mph.

Two years ago I got a ZX9R but people I knew had Fireblades and R1's and berated it.

Do you know more about the bike you are looking at ? Model number ? The old Z1000 is a good bike if you find a good one.


As far as advice, the stat is that most accidents occur within the first 4,000 miles a new rider puts on his bike. I think most of that comes from simply not being prepared to be a target on the freeway. If you have no sense of your surroundings and can't instinctively avoid certain situations, you will probably end up in trouble. Depending on what city you live in, some people drive their cars like they are either trying to race you (simply because you are on a bike), or they are trying to hit you.

Other than the safety aspect, riding a bike probably produces close to the same feeling people had when they first jumped on a horse the first time. It's freedom, it makes your heart beat faster, and some might even call it "meditational". If you have a group of people to ride with, that is where you learn how to clean up any rough edges you may have.


No yet, but when i get the cash i will be buying this beauty.


My 2005 softail deluxe, i have added some goodies since like custom pipes, fuel injection re-mapped, detachable bags, chrome foot controls and such.


I got a 2000 Zx-9R, No Fireblade can touch it, and it's definatley a lot more stable with a higher top end than an R1

But the New ZX-14R looks very promissing.........


I dunno what the law is in the US about letting newbies out on powerful bikes but it changed over here to stop people jumpin in 750's after the test. You are restricted. As the OP says he is a newbie biker the law must allow people to buy 1100's in the US ? Or is it HP related, a 70's 1100 will be, what about 60 bhp ? I spose that's fine. Its letting new guys out on Fireblades and Blackbirds that could be a problem.


My mate have got Fireblades and R1's and mines noticeable slower. If I ride the blade i'm quicker than my mate on my 9R.


Just imagine how the women flock to me when I roll up on this badboy.


They don't even have guidelines like that in the US. That's why you see little kids on 1300's and then dropping them. I took it slow and got a 600 and quickly learned that those get up just as fast and possibly handle easier than the larger engines.


What is that?


KTM Duke 990


The latest in a long struggle with an addiction to two wheels....


If your talkin the old XS 11 Yamaha's those were good motors,new some old guys that used to do a lot of touring and had over 200,000 miles on them.I new one bike mechanic that fine tuned his and had torque and Roll-on power like a big harley,without having to downshift and rev like most 4cyl. bikes.Great Cheap bike that most people overlook.Been ridin since 69


Can it beat this?


No. The Duke will get to about 140mph if you are lucky. Something as old as my Ninja would wank over that with ease, although the Duke is 120 bhp approx its no match for a decent sportsbike, its whats known as a streetfighter, spose its like a Monster with more HP.


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95 HD Heritage Nostalgia.
Did the japanese shit years ago.
I cruise slow but everyone hears
me coming.


Track days R fun!