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T-Nation Bigfoot Strikes Close to Home!


I arrive to work this morning and there is an e-mail in my inbox from one of my town supervisors. Here it is. I had to call this into thier insurance company.

There was a motor vehicle accident with personal injuries at the corner of chestnut and fountain. According to the Chief of Police, the Stop sign on the southwest corner of chestnut had been completely removed, pole and all. This apparent act of Vandalism caused one driver to drive through the intersection without stopping and having a collision with a car on fountain st.

Do you guys think since my last post he is hunting me down? Ripping out stop signs along the way?



My wife also works for an insurance comany. She read your last post in PWI...you are proper fooked now.


Eh? What?

Which post? And why am I Fooked? Also is being Fooked a good or a bad thing?




It's not good. You want to be the fooker and not the one getting fooked.



Your post about insurance companies...you whistle blower you, j/k. The follow up post regarding insurance as a scam was spot on. She totally agreed. The harder up people get the more desperate they get. By that I mean people are more inclined to fake an injury no?

She likes her job well enough but the times when folks just break down and start crying on the phone get her down. Read the policy you dumb fuck and live within your means.