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T-Nation BB Comp


Don't know if this has been tried before or how hard the flame throwing will be but:

Have we had an online competition? I'm talking members of this site only.
1. Post mandatory pics
2. Be truthful about weight class
3. Set a date
4. We all can vote on say 5 judges
5. Separate classes for nattys and aas, age, previous experience (yea, you Stu, Synergy, etc

Just trying to liven up the site. It's been getting stale and the only entertainment is fighting between folks.


Us old guys in the over 35 were talking about doing a PL comp video online. But good luck with this.


bad ass idea

but it doesnt seem worth it for only an internet title...if supplements were a prize then it might draw some folks.

like a couple Anaconda protocols....or some training time with an author from the site...

but a bb comp isnt something I'd do for shits and giggles...especially web shits and hihhles

why are people giggling and shitting? do they also have shit eating grins?

are they grinning because they are eating shit? Is that what makes them happy?

fucking freaks man


I think, if done right (no input on exactly how) that would be awesome.
I'd be in if there was a prize for 37000th place