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T-Nation Baseball Playoffs

I’ve been horribly remiss in my duty to post the goings on of the baseball league here on T-Nation.

Hopefully the following graphic is legible.

If not,

The Booneville What! is taking on the Fighting Amish in the Championship game, with the Amish holding a slim 12-9 lead heading into the last 3 days. I calling it too close too call right now.

In the game for Third Place, The New York Knights is leading Demolition 14-9.

It looks as if the Battlin’ Barristers represented the U.S. well against the Canadian Vroom’s Sluggers by winning the Fifth Place game by a convincing score of 16-4.

I have no idea how to get graphics from Yahoo Sports to load. Geez that irritates me

The Consolation bracket had several teams fighting for 7th through 12th place.

In the 7th place game - '62 Vette has a commanding 15-7 lead over the Tecumseh Tornados.

The 9th place match up has the Montreal Ex-Expos with a 14-6 lead over the Flying Monkeys.

In the 11th place game, SlimJim’s Islanders eeked out a narrow 11-10 win over the P&W Screaming Eagles.

For the other eight sorry bastards that couldn’t win enough games to make it to the playoffs - tough shit.

Yeah, my best players all got injured near the end of the year… I think they stopped taking 'roids or something.


Wow, that was close right up til the end. As the manager of the Fighting Amish, I’d like to thank the Boonville What! for a great final series. Man that was close. I’m also glad I didn’t have to play the NY Knights in the finals. That team was just ridiculousy good.

As the manager of the N.Y. Knights, I’d like to congratulate the Fighting Amish and the Boonville What. I’d also like to thank Rainjack for setting up the league.

I want to say screw you very much to whichever one of you I traded Andruw Jones to right before he went on his tear.

Thank you for Andruw Jones. I hope Pat Burrell was to your liking.