T-Nation Baseball - More Smack Talk

Well, we are far enough into the season to start seeing some differentiation… as in, some teams suck.

Obviously, I’m doing well or I wouldn’t be starting a smack talk thread now would I?

So, you guys hanging around on the bottom of the league standings, do you know how to move your players to different roster positions or what?

Anyway, who wants to trade some heavy homerun and RBI muscle for some part of my extended bench?

Sheesh man, I have been trying to pull off some trades and very few people even ever answer my proposals…At least reject them if you think they suck.

I actually had a very good week pitching wise and the bats went silent; I got smoked…

Vroom, check out the roster…I need some infield (SS, 3B) help…

Team Name (Not so) Domination

At least I managed to rise up from last place to 14/20 since I started paying attention to my roster.

Once Sabathia, Whitasik and Burnett get of the DL I’ll be golden.

If anybody is interested in dealing a 2nd or 3rd basemen, I’ll be your friend.

Its not a matter of changing our players out, there is a sevre lack of talent on the heep and my depleted bench isnt doing me any favors.

For the record I did get in some trash talking already although Im festering in the lower half of the standings.
Im the NY Rat Pac

I’ll do some roster checking, but I find it hard to identify win-win trades…

I have been noticing that the free agents are offering some pretty slim pickings these days. The guys with good averages in there generally aren’t getting many at bats.

Maybe later in the season as some of the regular lineups get injured they’ll become regular players?

Okay, let’s get some real smack talk going here:

Fighting Amish, it’s time to knock you out of first place man, you are going down!

This fix is in with your series with Allustrious Bost…

[quote]vroom wrote:

Fighting Amish, it’s time to knock you out of first place man, you are going down!



Personally, I would have made sure I was good at talking smack before starting this thread.

Your friend,

The (Draft) Dodgers

Can you say T…t…t…Tigers baby! Detroit tigers!

It has been awile since Ive worn my tigers t-shirt without embarrassment


I’m trying to be gentle because this isn’t the politics forum… ?

I’m trying not to leave any ammo around for when I sink in the ranks… ?

Ah, screw it, you guys suck! C’mon, I don’t even know anything about baseball and you shmucks are losing to me?

What do you mean the fix is in? My team could be tough when Minnesota starts pitching Liriano as a starter. Watch out for the Allustrious Boat.

It’s gonna take more than Liriano moving into the starting rotation to save your team from the asswhipping i’m gonna put on it.

The Juggernaut