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T-Nation Author Credentials


My question isn't necessarily technical, just general. How can I go about finding out the writers and authors of T-mags credentials? I'm a fan of T-mag and recently in "foolish" school studies I find myself having to find the credentials of a favorite site and it's authors/owners. I appologize if this is an inconvenience. Thanx."


Saying JB or CT said something is not really a good way of supplying information in uni. Just find your favourite articles and take that references that they provide :wink: Its so much easier!


In a more general sense, at the end of most articles on T-Nation are the authors credentials.


You could always just go on Prime Time and ask them!


I actually need to know the credentials of Cy Willson, Greg Neilson, and Chris Shugart. I work with 2 dietitians for my sumemr job, and they are always promoting soy. I just gave them 3 articles written by the above, to show them that soy is infact not the holy grail of food. They basically told me that the authors were yahoos and didn't beleive me. Anyway I need some credentials so they won't blow me off.


Anyone who can look at the mountain of evidence against soy and totally write it off is the real yahoo. Even if half the anti-soy info is wrong, it should still be avoided or limited.

As for my credentials, in this case I'm wearing the journalist hat because my soy article was an interview with Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel. So what you want is her credentials, not the guy's who interviewed her. You can find those in the "Poison Protein" article.


The article "Poison Protein" is an interview by Chris Shugart with the auther of a book. The author of the book has a Ph.D. and by checking out his listed website you can find out what university/degree was actually acquired.


Yeah I already got her credentials that's why I didn't ask for it; however it would be nice to have the others - it would only help to support my position if I were able to show that everyone has some sort degree.


...I know you didn't really write the stuff on soy in that article Chris, and that it was just an interview; I just thought it would be nice to have the credentials of everyone associated with the articles....

Oh yeah and here are the articles i'm referring too...

Soy is Still Bad Protein by Glen Neilson
The Evils of Soy by Cy Willson
Poison Protein (guess i got my answer for this one already though)


Go to the Weston A Price website. They have anti-soy articles that are referenced up the wazoo. No need for the credentials when you've got the studies right there.


I'm with you here but it's not that. The bottom of all their articles has a little piece about each.


Well, I have:

Comfortable shoes.
A nice car.
The ability to take extended vacations.

Having said that, that is more than most experts have...

You know, I don't have any real credentials...I have a bunch of degrees and tons of coaching experience, one or two athletic achievements (I once made an unassisted Triple Play...no BS!), and some respect as a throws guy. Not much...some.

So...maybe my advice should be taken lightly. Unless you want to be great...


I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express Last Night...

I have some respect for DJ as a throws guy. Not much... some.


Don't forget TC's original article on soy, the real ground breaker:


Not that a thousand articles written by a thousand MDs and PhDs would convince some people, especially those that can only accept the first bit of info they hear. Therefore, if they heard soy was good a few years ago, they'll never bother to think otherwise or even look into it.


Soy is bad?


Attach a copy of Chris's LA-LA Song blog to the end of the article.


It doesn't matter how valid the content, any health care professional is going have a hard time taking an article seriously when it has such a "dramatic" title.

You'd be better off printing out the journal articles referenced in the T-mag articles.


Dieticians recommended very high carb, low protein, and very lowfat diet for 20 years. Good advice.


From what I've heard, TC has a degree in microbiology, if that helps you.


Are your dietitians from the H(alifax)RM area ?