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T-Nation At Another's Event?


I went to go and meet Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes at Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island New York today. Was it a bit much of me to wear a T-Nation shirt to a Xyience promotion?



Not at all.

I think it's a good thing.




I will have to post a picture later.



Their website sucks. Who the hell are they? I've never heard of them.




LOL, That's awesome. You should post that picture on any UFC or Ultimate Fighter forum you can find.


Yeah I will probably post it on Sherdog some time.



Did you tell Matt that Georges St. Pierre is gonna kick his ass and take his shiny belt away from him, and that his shirt sucks?

I woulda, and then gotten the ever living shit beaten out of me.

(Actually, Matt is probably my favorite fighter, but I still think Rush has his number)


Shit... I was at roosevelt field yesterday after school to buy my brothers xmas gift. I was even thinking about stopping by GNC because I remember someone on here saying they sold sample size Spike there but then remembered Cy had said no one under 18 should try it... (almost there.)

By no way am I an expert on UFC or anything but I did watch ultimate fighter and thought it was all cool and everything. Fuck. Could have gone.


I really did not have much to say to Matt. I talked to Rich more and then afterwards felt kind of bad because I did not have any questions for him.

I agree about St Pierre. I don't think that Matt has changed his game from the last time that they fought. George on the otherhand has completly gone to the next level. The 170 weight class has some really great talent now with Penn back. Should lead to some great fights in the future.



Well GNC/Xyience does not promote these things very well. I only found out because a friend of mine works for GNC. A month or two ago they had Josh and Mike from the first season of TUF. They are going to have more fighters in the future and I will post when I hear about it.

GNC sells Spike? They need some other Biotest products too!



When did they start selling ultimate fighters at the mall? Man, I'm gonna run out and get me one!
They don't shed too much do they?


Atta' boy!