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T-Nation Articles That May Have Been Missed


Was going to put this in the off topic section but I didn't...
I think I've went thru almost every article on T-Nation over the years and was just wondering if you guys have any favorites or any articles that may have went under the radar, maybe some that should be dubbed for a re-read.


anything written by Shelby or John Meadows


Training Strategy Handbook by CT
Pump Down the Volume by CT
How to Design a Damn Good Program I and II by CT
Beginnier's series on training and nutrition for beginners by CT
Interview with Dorian Yates
Dead Pool series


Jack Reape's articles especially 'Back off and grow'

Thib's 'up for a quickie' and OVT

Dan John's early articles, there was a great one about meeting Wilt Chamberlain off the top of my head.

TC wrote a livespill or short articles a year or two ago about most average Joe's being best served by just doing deadlifts and a shitload of arms, really got me thinking.

Both of Alphas logs/How do you train


It was a couple of those that I've forgotten about, I'm glad I made this thread. Great article shout outs


Not sure if I recall this, could you find the name or link?


Hips don't lie by Eric Cressey i think


I go back and re-read their articles every once in a while and still come away with some new info, or remember something I should be doing.


The Truth about Bulking by CT


Been a while since I've read this. It really keeps things in perspective. Bulking is a thing of the past in my opinion. Many pros now use the "lean gains" approach or whatever term you want to use. Eating like a fatass makes you a fatass.



Also: War Room Strategies to Maximize Fat Loss (CT): http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1499282


Here's one of them


Yeah, I am going to force myself to read it each time I finish a fatloss plan to keep me from going all chipotle on my diet.


The blood and chalk series was my favourite series this site published


The one with Dave Tate and Jim Wendler

Dave Tate's iron evolution series.

Anything by John Meadows.


Dude, thanks so much for asking this question. I just spent the last half hour reviewing my T-Nation bookmarks and realized what a wealth of information I have acquired over the years. We should all buy something from T-Nation in appreciation dammit. T-Nation is like public radio (and I ain't no liberal), many use it, few contribute. I think I might buy into the velocity diet. Anyway, here are my favorite bookmarks:

The Secret of Loaded Carries
Soft Tissue Work for Tough Guys (Feel Better for 10 Bucks is similar)
A Tried and True Bodybuilding Program Template
Screw Cardio! Four Complexes for a Shredded Physique
Best of Quads
How to Design a Damn Good Program, Part 1
How to Design a Damn Good Program, Part 2
Things That Don't Matter Much... Things That Do
Exercise Progressions for Bigger Pulls
Mass Made Simple (for the pics if nothing else)
Chest Obliteration - Mountain Dog Style
The Most Important Thing You're NOT Doing! (gut health)
Many of Professor X's posts (f u haters)


Thanks for that, definitely mind altering but holds water. Makes me think I should incorporate more arm training


I've read this a few times just to keep my mind in perspective as well. Always a slick read.


cold slap in the newbie face

''A lean and muscular 165 lbs, at 5' 10" looks exactly the same in clothes as a guy that size that doesn't train at all.''

That one sentance completely revolutionized my approach to training and diet.


This site has articles?!!