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T Nation Article: Your TRT is a Steroid Cycle

How can this website allow this guy to write this article, when he’s so ignorant?

He claims that 200mg per week is not TRT.

I don’t 100% disagree that 200mg does sound high for TRT when normal production is what, 70mg a week? I just honestly don’t care. Whatever works is fine with me.

I’m not saying it isn’t TRT, but there are certainly plenty of cases where people are going quite a bit beyond truly getting them back to where they were at their prime. Again, I don’t care, and that’s still not a full blown steroid cycle. It’s kind of a weird grey area that’s somewhere in between

Quotes like this don’t help the article out any though:

consider an over-the-counter alternative like Biotest’s Alpha Male®. Unlike actual testosterone replacement, Alpha Male will not cause your testicles to go dormant. Instead, it will coax your pituitary gland and testicles into making more testosterone.


I don’t really care personally what anyone thinks, I started TRT this last fall it’s changed my life for the better. I had unexplained weight gain couldn’t get rid of like I use too even working out everyday. My blood work went to @@@ issues needing several medicines daily, couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t focus at work, etc etc.

I thought I had something major wrong and didn’t know how to tell my family which was scary. Ran test after test until they figured out I had low T.

I said, that can’t be the whole problem causing all these issues I told the Dr. 12 weeks of TRT 150mg a week lost some weight (working out) and don’t need pills anymore for sleep, BP or cholesterol.
Have better focus and mood also :slight_smile: A real life changer for me and my family.

I think there’s many better ways to gain way more muscle was faster than TRT. Just saying. I’ve also learned since starting my TRT protocol that everyone needs different amounts to hit the same T level. Its Totally individual

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The article written is his opinion and that’s cool but I’ve been on trt at 100mg per week and I’m on 200 now. I prefer how I feel on 200 much more.

That’s not really what he said in the article, but @Christian_Thibaudeau may be able to clarify his opinion further.

Many have said on here that we have many on this forum who are or have done body building. From the reading i did on here, it appears these guys want higher levels and inject over 150. Their goal seems to be muscle building.

Here’s what 112 mg a week looks like on trough. Inject 2x a week. I know we are all different. If I go up to 150 or 200 with dbossa thinking I would be way high. Maybe I’ll feel way better but to what expense health wise.

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It’s exactly what he said. He said it at least 3 times in the article.

“All I’m saying is that 200-300 mg. of testosterone is not TRT…”

“The issue is that many men have cajoled their doctors into giving them 200-300 mg. a week, and that’s actually a mild steroid cycle and not testosterone replacement therapy.”

“Regardless, that doesn’t change the fact that 200-300 mg. a week is up to 5-7 times the male weekly testosterone production and cannot be called replacement.

I ate 10 eggs. I ate between 10 and 20 eggs.

Those are not the same thing.

I take 200mg per week. I take 200-300mg per week.

Those are also not the same thing.

It is a Bodybuilding oriented site thatcoincidentally has a TRT forum. The guys with no background in Strength sports or Bodybuilding are the odd ones out.
Testosterone 963 ng/dL 250 - 1100 ng/dL
at 185mg a week for me. After stepping down from 200mg a week about 4 weeks before so it may be a little inflated of a number.

I guess I don’t care if I am above where an average man is, as long as the risk/reward ratio is in my favor. It seems that many can run 200 mg a week and be healthier than they were in a low T state. Maybe they would be a bit healthier at 100 mg a week?

Also going to agree with @ncsugrad2002 about pimping supplements at the end. It destroys the credibility of the article IMO.


Can a TRT doctor administer Tren?

Christian Thibaudeau is anything but ignorant. I do agree its a little biased. He makes a good point and I’ve been saying it to others dismay… most of the TRT doses on here are more than “necessary”. It seems to offend people. I have no qualms with my dose making me optimal or supra-optimal but I’m honest about it when people ask. I get asked… “you taking anything” and I tell them. I’m on TRT and I keep myself within the LabCorp spectrum but at the top. FYI, I take 140mg/wk.

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They are currently administering Nandrolone, Anavar, and Test as the most common. I have seen this first hand and regretfully tried Nandrolone from my prior clinic. Tren… not so much.

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You’re serious?

He said that 200-300mg per week isn’t TRT.

200 most certainly falls in the range of 200-300. You do realize that, don’t you?

How about this quote then:
“So I repeat, 200 mg. or more is not a replacement dose, but an enhancement dose.”

Is that clear enough for you?

I feel like we’re reading the same thing but coming to different conclusions.


Yep, the words “or more” are pretty clear.

I don’t particularly disagree with him either. Comparing esterized doses with natural production levels is a bit facetious, but overall there is truth to the argument.

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Yes sir. I believe that’s where he started losing me as well. Also, the 5-7x natural level was a bit off as well in the 200-300mg range. So some things I was nodding my head and others I was shaking it vigorously LOL. I liked where he was going but it wasn’t completely accurate.

Both are aimed at raising test levels - if the question is when does it stop being TRT and become a cycle, who cares?
Author thinks it’s at 200+, he acknowledges that others may disagree but he makes his case and backs it with his evidence. I’m OK with that, whether I agree with him or not.
I’m also OK with him name-checking a supplement, how else does he earn a living from all the (generally very valuable) info he provides to all of us on this site, which we access for free?

If my doctor told me 10-20 eggs was above the safe limit and I said, “cool, then I’m OK at 10?” I think he would look at me rather dumbfoundedly ::blink::

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200mg/week puts me just within my labs ranges. I’d call that TRT. But hey, each is entitled to an opinion. Not sure why it’s got people so wound up. It’s not like I’m going to suddenly stop or drop my dose because of a personal opinion…