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T-Nation ART Survey


Who has gotten it done? results?

I had it done on my rotator cuff for about 6 weeks and I can honestly say it did nothing for me :frowning: I was very disappointed.... Im thinking of giving it another try with a different guy but I dont know if I really buy into it. Help?


I am a big fan of good soft tissue work. I've had ART and Graston and am a fan of both. I am also a Graston practitioner and know of several ART techniques though I am not certified in it. I think there are specific situations were ART will be more beneficial and others were Graston is more beneficial and in MOST situations a combination of both will be best.

Make sure you find a good quality practitioner though. A shitty practitioner will produce shitty results regardless of what technique they are performing.


I have found ART immensely helpful. It is the only thing that helped with my IT band syndrome. Right now I am going through rehabbing a lateral disc bulge on my right side and the ART is great at breaking down the cramping in my erectors and Glutes. It really depends on the skill of the practitioner. If you can find one that has worked at the Iron Man and is a serious athlete themselves.


ART is amazing when done by the right practitioner (for the right reason). I have found only 2 that do it really good out of 6.