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T-Nation App?


Someone who is good with computers and creating apps should create a T-Nation app. It would be cool if out and about in my daily activities or taking a long journey somewhere I could just get my phone/iPod out and start reading some articles.

Couldn't find a good place to post this, so the beginners forum will do.

If anyone knows anybody who could create one, try and get them to go forward with it. Would be a cool idea - anyone agree/disagree? I thought it was a good idea...


I'll settle for a mobile-optimized site... but I agree with you.


I have never had any isues using T-Nation on my mobile browser. I havent logged onto this site via PC since last winter.

I can pull up all the articles and the search function works. Videos work too.

An app? I think it would suck like all the other site apps like FB.


mobile browser? PC? videos? what the fuck is all this malarkey you speak of?


Vampire technology


lols ^^


the site works fine on my iphone except I cant see embedded youtube videos and I cannot upload pics directly from my phone. If there was an option to uploads pics straight from my phone there would be no need for an app IMO.


It's been asked before.

You'd need to develop at least 3 or 4 different apps, for each of the popular platforms out there. Way too much work, a mobile site would be a much better option.


Get a better phone. HA!


There is an anabolic minds app that pulls from various sites, including T-Nation.


The site works on my blackberry, but the menu bar and lack of mobile formatting make it a pain.


There's not much point in a dedicated app since the whole T-Nation experience is web driven anyway. I agree though that a mobile optimized version would be a nice touch but it may not be worth the effort of the developers since the normal site works mostly fine on a phone anyway, minus mouseover stuff, some videos and some formatting.