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T-Nation Android App


Just bought and Android tab.

I think they bosses here defiantly need to sanction an app to be made for Android.

Just basic loggin and checking in to post replies and check new articles.

The full web site is sometimes a bit heavy on a mobile device and an app with the articles easily listed and readable and also access to the forums would be sick in my opinion.

What you guys think?


I really like T-Nation, but my life goes on if I'm not able to check the forums for a day or two. (I wouldn't pay for it, let's put it that way.)


An Iphone app would make more sense. The problem with a Droid app is that all phone with the OS on their phone has to be tweaked and modified to actually work properly.


What tab did you buy?

You should've wait for the Motorola Xoom!

Also, an iPhone app would be the more popular option. Making it for all the major platforms would be a PITA.


We are definitely not opposed to the mobile app idea, and will eventually will pursue it. However, as RSGZ mentioned, we wouldn't want to support just one platform, which complicates things a bit.

However, I have a Droid and can get pretty much full use of the site on it. That's what's great about the iPhone and Androids, you really don't need apps for online use.


Hmm, spoken like an engineer and not a true designer :wink:

And you don't need an "app," per se, but a mobile version of the site, period. That would circumvent dev headaches of juggling multiple platforms (WP7, iOS, Android).

This site could definitely benefit from a mobile version. Check out the mobile (or "touch" ?) WordPress theme; I've seen some sites use it and it doesn't seem like much but makes a big difference in mobile viewing.


My "you really don't need apps for online use" comment was really more of a joke. I agree apps and online versions do make mobile browsing a ton easier. And that's why we'll eventually go that route.


Did you know there are such people who actually consider it a hobby to do such things for Android products? Precisely why open source will kick iPhone's ass any day of the week.


I see. So you meant MOBILE online browsing negates the need for apps? I didn't read your post that way, but instead a "well, just view the site as it currently is on your browser, unoptimized for mobile but still accessible." (seriously, all engineers think this way, unless they are also UI designers)

No disrespect meant, just a friendly jab :slight_smile:


I just got the galaxy tab, basically because of open source for the droid and also it's smaller than the ipad, has a camera, costs less and has both 3g and wifi on all models.

I used the site while in a cafe it worked pretty well actually, i just thought that an app could make things a little more manageable.


People: Droid is a particular brand of hardware; Android is an operating system designed for mobile devices/tablets. A small quibble but a necessary distinction, nonetheless.


lol good distinction but i was just abbreviating....


Blackberry, too! OS6 Webkit browser sucks with this site.


I've got a blackberry also, sucks on OS5 aswell, never used it on my bb.


I've gotten pretty good at T Nation from the web browser on the droid. My droid IS my personal computer. It first it was frustratingly difficult but I've got it down now.


What you use?


Maybe a mobile friendly version of the site instead? It'll be simpler to write and work on droids and iPhones (and WP7 devices).


I frequently access the site on my galaxy S (i.e. android), great for checking the forums in lectures! It is a pain to navigate different forums but I just have the home page and the olympic lifting forum favourited and it's pretty easy. I would welcome an app or mobile version of the site though


Mine is a droid 2 with the keyboard.
Came with a web browser on it the icon is a planet earth.
Just nav to t nation forums and its there. The size is very small but pracfice makes perfect and i can zoom in if I get too frustrated.


Ye my galaxy tab is the same kinda setup, firefox works pretty well, it can be a lil bit slower but i like the tabs on it.

Damn i love it when a hot weight liftin girl is into tech lol, is there anything you can't do hallowed?