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T-Nation and Politics?

Hey, guys. T.C. HATES for people to give him praise and kudos… but don’t let T.C.'s rants on panties and jacking off dogs fool you…he’s not only one of the most “real” people you can meet, he’s also VERY smart (he used to write technical manuals for General Dynamics!)

Anyway…this political fight for our supplements is real…and T.C. mentioned this in his last “Atomic Dog” (between comments on a cave woman’s boobs, I think!), that we CAN be a force (however small) if we can voice our opinion as a whole.

So…think about it at least, okay? Don’t think of “T-Nation” simply as a place to get free T-Shirts…but as a POTENTIAL force (again, maybe small…maybe big) againt those forces that want to take away any supplement that works.

Your thoughts?

I think that intelligent and thoughtful people should always get involved. Whenever they can. As long as their intentions are moral and useful

I agree Mufasa. I believe this is the very reason T-Nation was formed. It’s not just about cool giveaways, etc, rather I think TC, Tim and the gang are trying to bring something really fruitful out of our dedication to their work.

Well said. I would like to add, however, that I’m SURE that T-Nation is a “big” force BOTH literally and figuratively:) What I wouldn’t give for five minutes alone in a dark alley with Tom Osbourne…

By truly organizing, a couple of things can be done.

1: Become organized. I believe that politicians will take more seriously a unit that contains structure. I also think they believe that the people who take pro-hormones would not organize and voice their opinions - I say lets prove them wrong. Start collecting facts to prove our point and maintaining them in our databases. 'k? Each T-Pack can then compile them and we all will have some data to stand behind our words.

2: VOTING power. By organizing, we can use the very thing that causes any politician to go weak knee in fear: your vote. What you giveth you can take away by your vote. By organizing into a force, we can become a "voting" force.

And another thing: by organizing, we will also pique the attention of others who are not at all aware of what's going on and who need to know. You know, that "belter who curls in the squat rack" may be a schmoe, but he's a voting schmoe who needs education and information. I wouldn't be surprised if this very schmoe also partakes in some pro-hormones. Anyone is a potential ally.

And also, by organizing, we show them that we're all not a bunch of brainless lugheads - we are responsible adults from a variety of backgrounds who do not want ANY of our individual rights and freedoms whittled away.

Looking into the future, would T-Nation join another party or be its own?


I think that TC, Tim and the rest of T-Mag are being very smart about this. Notice the timing of something:

The first issue of T-Nation, with its call for organization and political voice, just happens to coincide with the introduction of a new column for older lifters. Of course, the group of “older” people is exactly the demographic that is most politically aware and active. Coincidence? I think not.

As the Baby Boomers age, we are going to be less and less inclined to put up with legislation that decreases our chances of feeling healthy and active. All that’s needed is a place where people can congregate and not feel like freaks for wanting to maybe try a little something that’ll put some zing back in the old bod. And T-Nation is (or could easily become) that place.

Like I said, smart.