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T-Nation and Google Search Strings


A while back someone posted in a thread some search strings he used to search T-Nation but I can't remember what thread it was. Anyways I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out with the search strings.


Thread... strings.... are you looking for a quilting forum?



It was pushharder who explained that, but I don't remember how to do it.


This thread is ironic.


We're having new age vintage fun.




i think its just 'site:tmuscle.com searchphrasehere '


This should help:





Since T-Nation's search is the weakest part of the site, Google is your best friend for looking up stuff on here. Yes, MODs, your site's search BLOWS.

(search term) site:tmuscle.com

Enter that into Google.

A) "quotations" - exact phrase
e.g. "gut health" will look for GUT HEALTH and not a page with "gut" and "health" separate

B) - (minus, no space, then search term) - means "without that term"
e.g. : "gut health" -poliquin site:tmuscle - find all pages with "gut health" (exact phrase) but no mention of Poliquin

C) OR - find a either one term or the other; I prefer to use parentheses to make it easier to read

e.g. "(gut OR digestive) health" -Poliquin site:tmuscle
Finds all pages with a reference to "gut health" OR "digestive health" (notice the OR operator is within the quotations, meaning GUT or HEALTH, either term only in the phrase "gut health" / "digestive health"

e.g. (Waterbury OR thibaudeau) "training articles" -Poliquin site:tmuscle.com
Finds all pages that have the exact term "training articles" on the page (notice that quotations are important for stating the order of two terms) and a reference to either coach, but never including "Poliquin" on the page

Tip: You CAN use a poster's name as a search term, if you want to find a post by a certain poster. Meaning, if you type in "super saiyan" you will find posts by this poster. The poster's name to the left of their actual post counts as any other text on the page.

Notice that you can "stack" these syntactically.


Strongly agree.

That is all.


the google function for site search is awesome!

The following is a good example -- http://tinyurl.com/2ucoylr

1) Site:

2) Person's name:
"bill roberts"

3) Topic:


I couldn't help but laugh.

Thanks guys for the help. Works great especially since the site's search engine doesn't seem to search articles anymore.


I ain't clickin' on that.


Oh no you didn't! Quilt Shuggart and Professor Quilt might have something to say about that! I can't remember the other names.

That just brought up some funny memories.


EDIT: For those that weren't around then;


You got Rickrolled! Haha, j/k It's just the google search