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T-Nation and Biotest - Thank You


I just wanted to post (as someone who rarley posts) about an experience I had last week that re-confirmed my faith (not that I needed it) in T-Nation and the outstanding service it provides.

When my supplement order arrived at my home last week, I noticed it was missing one jug of Metabolic Drive Complete. With a quick phone call to the toll free number, and a brief, extremely polite and cordial conversation with the Biotest rep, I had my missing item sent. A couple of days later it arrived.

Thank you T-Nation for your excellent service, the quality and care you exercise in the formulation of the best supplements on the market, and for an equal amount of care given to us, the consumer.

Oh, and the free website with the best articles anywhere aren't bad either. Keep up the great work!


They're not going to send you anything free for being nice... :slightly_smiling:


You never know.


Really... Did I ever tell you that you are my favorite Mod?