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T-Nation: A Fun Waste of Time


I love T-Nation, but for the past 3 months I have tried not to go on at all, as I have an at home job and find myself on here way too much when I should be working. I am don't think it is a waste of time - I have learned a lot on here - I just think I abused it too much.

Anyone else in the same situation? I should probably just limit myself to a half hour a day lol.


There hasnt been a good flaming in a while. TN, this dude wants some fun!



I have kinda the same problem..I go to school 'online.' I procrastinate by nature, I'll fix that tomorrow..

But so far school is going ok..graduating in 2 weeks!


I cant ever unleash my evil when you come around. Will you stop calming me down, lady?

congratz on graduating!




^ :slightly_smiling: thanks, and your welcome Ct.

^^, haha, procrastinators UNITE! (tomorrow) :stuck_out_tongue:


T-Nation is pure procrasturbation to me.


I know the feeling, I work from home too. I only let myself come on when I'm on a break or I've reached my goals for the day.


I'm in the same boat as you with online schooling!


^ cool Fuzzy! what school do you go to? :slight_smile:

^Marvelgirl, your a better woman than I!


I come on more when I'm stressed out with work. It's a great way to de-load for ten minutes. (20 times a day, FUUUUUUU)


A local college, taking Pharmacy Technician. It's hard not to come to T-Nation when I work at a slow gym and online schooling.


you can't think of any reasons why? here's two.


Have you seen my post count?




^Beans got pwned


^has no hope in hitting 5,000 anytime soon.


Not anytime soon however, it will be mine oh yes, it will be mine. We still bros beans?


some days im on for like 10 minutes. On a really good day with plenty of threads I want to read then I could be here for an hour or more. I even open a ton of tabs to cut down navigation time between threads.


I completely hear you on that. The posts that get me the most are the demotivator picture threads.