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T-Nation 2010 Awards - Best Poster


For me it has to be The Bodyguard.

Concise, articulate and insightful. His posts truly are a joy to read.

Other mentions go to X, ImHungry and Celtics.


Three cheers for byukid!!!


You're my boy, Jack!


Other mentions should be AC and BuddhaBoy for the incredible work they did in the C/Q threads in SAMA. I also found Steely D to be a really solid contributer.


You couldn't even spell your own online name correctly. FAIL.


I have no idea what you're talking about


Timestamped post fail :frowning:


i'd probably do hallowed


^I'd probably watch and fap. With permission of course.


Again dude....that's fucking terribly rude.

Don't say probably!


I would turn HolyMac's asshole into a bloody hell. In the wake of my brutality, one would be able to peer into the tragedy that remains of HM's loins....and feel only indifference.

For to feel any other emotion would cause insanity, surely.

LarryDavid will be lost as he will incinerate from the friction caused by my unlubed cock ripping through Dan's bootyhole with such rage.

RIP LarryDavid


God I love this place.

I vote for Nards.


Every poster who is a legit SF Giants fan. Duh.


Merry Christmas, you dysfunctional motherfuckers (and I mean everyone on here right now).


I have no idea what this has to do with anything





I suspect you've never seen one of Bodyguard's carpet bombing missions. Restraint aint exactly in the fellas nature.


lol. Pretty much.

On the topic, dianab ftw.


Even though he is here once in a blue moon,I always look forward to Bricks post.


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Picking a favorite poster is like picking a favorite book or movies. It depends on the mood you're in. Too, who is posting regularly shifts and changes over time, so a list of this sort is impractical. However, I will say that whether I agree or disagree with them I currently enjoy reading DebraD, Bodyguard, and Angry Chicken. I find that regardless of topic their posts are entertaining or thought-provoking and this remains true whether lengthy screeds (this would refer to the men, Deb is more concise as women generally are) or quick jokes. They're all three enjoyable debate opponents, whether I'm engaged myself or reading them debate others.