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T-Nation 2009 Kinda Begins to Suck


most articles this year sucked big time...
bodypart-splits, 3 sets of 10 best for hypertrophy and dropping your O-Lifts all the time...pulease!
am i the only one who gets annoyed?




:grabs popcorn:


grins oh boy... Rhino, pass some popcorn...


Imma get some drinks.....


this is gonna be good


You suck at life


I got you covered ninja ::passes out gallons of water::



Methinks, the obvious troll is obvious.


Oh shit!




No worries. We'll be sure to give Mr. Level 0 a full refund... And his other username too.


grabs chicken.

dis gonna nice...






People ,at times, need to be reminded that this site is free. There have been great articles, so-so articles, and articles that just plain suck. Take the bad with the good and be happy Tim and TC dont start charging for monthly access, I would be surprised if they haven't at least thought about it.



I don't necessarily agree with the OP and I don't even come here for the articles, but his opinion has merit regardless of his purchasing history. It is very unprogressional, in my opinion, for a member of the staff to be taking this stance. Basically, what you just said was "we might have given you crap, but at least it was free crap." I am a level 3 and have purchased things while not actually logged into the site as well, does that make my opinion more valid?

When you run a business there is always going to be criticism, no matter what. Comes with the territory. You would be better served to handle it with class, maturity and dignity, or not bother responding. Whipping it out and trying to measure doesn't prove anything.