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T-Movie Review: Sin City

So last night I met with the boys to take in the ol’ picture show. The feature? Frank Miller’s “Sin City”. I was PMing with one of the mods on here about going to the movie and he mentioned how there was once a Top Ten Testosterone Movies here at T-nation. Well, I would like to give Sin City last night a nod in that direction as being certainly worthy of consideration. Top ten all-time? Not sure about that, but only since I would need to give a lot of thought to all of the other potential candidates for that illustrious 10.

Anyway, the movie was just… Wow. If you have been hankering for a true “guy’s movie” of late and seem to be only surrounded with “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous”, then I present this to you a sure fire tonic for your craving. One great flick. Now, I despise when people give away a film, so I won?t do that here, but I would like to provide a little incentive on why I loved this one.

First - Jessica Alba playing a stripper (albeit without any nudity - sorry to disappoint, boys) and looking about as sexy as I can remember any woman in a movie. No joke. That alone was worth the price of admission. Skimpy bikini and leather chaps? Count me in… umm, on her, not me. You get the idea.

Two - Great performances by Bruce Willis, Clive Owen and… I cannot even believe I’m saying this… Mickey Rourke. Yeah, I was stunned too.

Three - The movie has a very grimy, hard-edged feel to it that should appeal to any of the dangerously hardcore types that populate this site in such vast numbers. The dialogue is unique in that it’s delivered in a comic-book style befitting of the graphic novels on which the movie is based. I thought it might be distracting at first, but you get into it as the movie progresses. Also, it passes one of those important “guy’s movie” tests in that it has about a half dozen lines you will be repeating with your buddies for weeks.

Four - Action/violence. Well, let’s just say it’s not for the squeamish. Body parts a-flying!

There ya have it. A good way to spend 2 hours of your life. I would be curious to hear feedback from anyone else who’s been to see it as well.


  • Return with honor.

OK, cool thanks. I think i’ll go check it out with the ol’lady.

Enjoy. Hope she does not mind the nudity and whatnot. :wink:


[quote]Kuz wrote:
Enjoy. Hope she does not mind the nudity and whatnot. :wink:


No she’s cool with nudity, in fact i think she enjoys it more then me. Gotta love honest non self-repressed women.