It is a common assertion in society today that dog is man’s best friend…I however feel the ride a man uses to get from place to place is a true representation of that person’s philosophy, both in, and out of the gym (ie…big truck=big man, Fast car=fast man) This being said I would like to survey the t-community to find out what you guys think is the ultimate t-machine. I am casting my vote for the Porsche 959 series…Enjoy

My truck is an '83 Dodge Ram Charger. Four inch lift, 36 inch tires. It’s slow, loud as hell, and high maintanence, just like me. So, MY ultimate T-machine is that.

Many cars fall into T-car category. I’ve been an Alfista for a very long time (Alfista = an avid Alfa Romeo fan). No such thing like an Italian mean driving machine…

I just got back from spending a day driving an Audi TT Roadster at the limit (and being paid for it), so my automotive views are a bit skewed at the moment. It’s a car that very easy to drive fast, but not quite a T-man ride.

Despite the chest hair and gold chains image, Ferraris have always been a man’s car–they’re not easy to drive like a Civic and it takes a real man to drive one of these fast. For me the '85 288 GTO is it.

My ultimate ride is definitely the Shelby Durango. High horsepower, but in 4-wheel drive. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. That said, my current sled is a '93 Isuzu Rodeo. Blasted practicality.

The $375,000.00 firetruck I drive !

I drive a Corolla but my dream car is a Jag XK8 coupe. This car is the shit!

4 Wheels??? Nah not for me buds True T-Man vehicle for me is a GSXR-1300 Hayabusa or an ZX-12 Kawasaki Bam nothing better than flying low grabing on to life while you close in to that 200 MPH Barrier… My Personal fastest 191 MPH on my old ZX-11 with T on it in the bike world that would be turbo not testosterone but hey kinda the same!!!

Definitely a Caterham 7 Superlight R500-the only road car faster to 100mph is a Mclaren F1 and it’s $1million. I wouldn’t be able to drive it though, because I’d mees up the power/weight ratio.

The General Lee.

I’ll list cars/trucks that are more realistic to own. I feel a Chevy Silverado Heavy Duty would represent a T-Man. Any Corvette (especially '67 convertible), and any Harley outside of those manufactured when the people at AMF were in charge.

Besides the General Lee, Peterbilt 379 127" extended hood.

Chieftan 120mm MBT(British tank)

I LOVE my car. Perfect for T-Vixens, a mix of class and speed, 0-60 in 5.7sec, 10 way seats Bose speakers, all wheel drive, I could go on… A white E430 Benz. Makes me look good even in sweats!

Ooooops- Have to disagree here ie:big man + big car…

Just as in the gym I find the bigger the truck the bigger the loser. (Using your truck for work excepted) Just like at the gym-some big dooha slamming the weights and grunting like he’s lifting a zillion tons. I head on over to find he’s lifting half of what I’d be doing and he’s doing it with horrendous form. Big truck=trailer park=rottweiller=very small penis. Same with the Corvette and Camaro crowd. And WHY is it that every Porsche and Audi TT is driven by a balding guy in his 50s? WHY??? The lady with the white Benz has it right. Classy, understated and more power than you need anyway. Me? A 6 year old Honda Accord. I don’t need anything else.

The one car that say’s “Testosterone” is… Viper! But… if you have to have a truck… Hummer. Enough said

I have a Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R, and that’s not too bad of a T-machine. But if I had the money to waste, I’d like the 2003 Porsche Carerra GT or even a well-loaded 2001 BMW M3, Acura NSX, Dodge Viper, Hummer, or Ferrari.

the ultimate car:
1940 Mercedes-Benz Silberpfeil Racing Car nearly 750 PS, no electronic help, no helmets and top speed of 370 km/h.
those drivers where real man!

the new BMW M3. Fast, classy, handles great. and it’s a babe magnet.

I think Tman cars are just cars that show you care about these things. Pretty much anything nice from a well stlyled and good performing sedan, coupe or hatch (maybe a little tricked), to subtly tweaked euros (m bms or brabus merc), to any old truck, to porsches, ferraris or (heaven forbid) lambos. Old muscle cars and any performance v8 would have to qualify. In my most egotistical dreams and for my size Id say an old Mustang Coupe with sidepipes and big wheels and a new brabus 500sl would do the trick.