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T-Mission: Toned Legs


The Mission Should You Choose To Accept It:

I've got a female african american (not sure that makes a difference physiologically or not) co-worker who has dropped 15 lbs since July of 2005. She says however that she can't really tell either by the way she looks or the fit of her clothes. I think her main goal is to see a reduction in the size of her legs. I've told her that clean diet and weights are her answer and that cardio alone will not do the trick. I think she's afraid (like many non T-vixens) that weights will further bulk her legs up.

Can anyone recommend a program or some steps that she can take in order to reduce the size of but tone her legs?

28 yrs. old
145 lbs. (down from 160 lbs.)

Note: she's recently started daily afternoon cardio sessions and eating cleaner foods.

Thanks for any and all suggestions


I agree that it will take a mix of diet and training both resistance weights and Cardio. Cleaning up the diet will do a ton as well.

This article at least coyuld play some inspiration as well as great info. on vixens and the mixing of both cardio and weights



Hey there. This is just my experience because a little over a year ago I had untoned legs and too much body fat. Stick with the cardio and heavy weights. BUT the big thing is the diet. NO amount of training will give her the legs she desires if she doesn't really clean up the diet. To me this means following a healthy, lifelong method of eating such as what Berardi dictates. Unfortunately, too many people want a quick fix. I keep telling myself it took years to get out of shape. It will take a lifetime of training to keep the body you want.

What did TC say in that last article...Its the journey as much as the destination? Well, it was something like that.

Good Luck to her.



Thanks AG.