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'T-militia' call

 How many t-men are enlisted, officers, or active duty - for the marines, navy, army, national guard, air force, coast guard... Let's hear em all! roll call! put your name down and name your military branch, and sub branch (i.e., navy seals, navy seabees, navy pilot, national guard mp, air national guard...)- and where you're stationed!

Tri here, U.S. Navy, (defensive) weapon systems

If you want to work on aircraft, be it as a mechanic, as a crew chief, as an inflight data analyst, or even just a chock and chain-refueler guy, I’d recommend the Navy or the Marine Corps. I’m assuming you’re a young, smart guy, who’s looking for some sort of challenge along with career enhancing opprotunities. If you want to travel, attain quality training, potentially go in harms way for your country, get laid by various exotic European, Asian, Austrailian, heck even Canadian women, drink booze with guys and gals you would die for, then by God get in the Navy or Marine Corps as soon as you can. As an active duty Navy guy, I can vouch for both services as good to go. I’ve worked extensively within both branches because of my occupation (medical) and have dealt with the aviation side of the house both rotor and fixed wing. The one phrase I can pick out that best describes Navy and Marine Corps aviation is “high tempo”. Those motherfuckers are busy, dude, especially lately.

In the end, do what will be good for you and your family, its your choice. The preceeding is just my take on things after being in the service for a while.

holy crap I just posted in the wrong strin, what a dumbass… sorry folks

That's fine, as long as you get deployed in the right spot!!! Thanx for the advice!
I also know that you guys dont get nearly as acknowledged as you should. I have nothing but deep respect for what you guys do, and your courage to put yourself in harms way for the right cause - all when many have gone before you and didnt come back.

 I've met with my recruiter for the navy this past week, and I loved what I learned. The guys were awesome, they were having a party that night, and asked me to come along and see how the navy seabees party.

 Tomorrow I'll be sure to call the army national guard, the marines and the air force, to setup to meet with the recruiters.

  Any more fellow t-militia? prospective militia? posters in the wrong thread? POst it here!

marine corps ooh-rah!

Air Force Officer (Captain).
Dobbins AFB, Georgia.
Medical officer.

1st LT. U.S. Army
Ft.? Oaklahoma

Best lift: Squat: 540x1 on a 3110 tempo, at a weight of 185lb. 5’6"

1st Lt, USMC 0302
currently deployed
home station, Camp Pendleton, CA

United States Marine Corps!
0311, Team Leader, Corporal-type, Coldweather Issue, WindSandDust Resistant

Locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, or repel the enemy’s assault by fire and close combat. OOO-RAH!!!

May the men who came before us never be dishonored, forgotten, or disappointed by our actions, or lack there-of.

Navy, advanced electronics, scheduled to ship out in February unless my brother and I can get rolled up to August.

hope thats a joke there e

promotion tomarrow hella thanks! See ya

Sgt. USMC. 0311 Currently deployed.

USMC 0331 1/5 (IR, medical)

Happiness is a belt fed weapon
USMC - Destroyed in 30 Minutes or the next ones free

Army, Sgt. Blackhawk Crewchief. back from deployment in april, going again in october.

how come marines get all the good quotes?

Former active duty USMC 0311 Cpl. Last duty station: The Basic School Quantico, Va. as an Enlisted Instructor.
“Don’t bother running, you will only die tired.”

Army, 11B Infantry
Assigned to Ft. Richardson Alaska, as part of the new Stryker Brigade Combat Team.

SFC, US Army

I’m not in the service and I never have been. But I am out here in Kuwait supporting Operation Induring Freedom. I’ve been out here for two years now. I’ve left once and came back to Kuwait. Even as a civilian I take great pride in what I do because I know what I do effects a small portion of our boys and girls up north in Iraq. When I went back home for a four month vacation I showed much love and appreciation to our military services no matter what branch they were in. I pray for them and pray that they will come home safe. When I look at them(troops), I don’t see just some person in a uniform, I see a person who is fighting for our freedoms! They fight to protect us! Long live our American freedoms! By the way, I’m Puerto Rican. A so called Latin American and am damn proud to be live in the U.S. Ya’ll be good now…