T-METAL (recomended music)

Recomended T-music for working out/pure aggresion and OO-RAH motivation !!!
P.S. for anyone who has’nt heard of these bands check em out !!!

  1. Pro-Pain (road rage,Act of God)
  2. Sepultura ( arise,roots,chaos a.d.)
  3. Pantera
    4.run to cadence (Marines vol 1,2,3, and recon marines & legendary Marine marching cadences !!!)
    God bless USMC!!! semper fi!!! C/1/5

You can’t go wrong with Sepultura or Pantera. If you haven’t heard of Testament then go pick some up, it is some good stuff to listen to while lifting they are all good but I favor “Low” over them all.IF you are really hardcore though, go pick up Carcass “Heartwork”, that album is one of the best in the world and it will make you want to do more that just lift, it’ll makw you want to beat the hell out of somebody and that will make you even more pumped for lifting.