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T-Men/Vixens in Phoenix Area?

Bump #2. Has the Mahler seminar occurred yet?

Hey TNickT. Nice to see this thread resurrected. The Mahler workshop has not come and gone yet, but the deadline for pre-registration discount is nearing. Here’s the text of an email he sent me regarding the seminar-

Thanks for your interest in the first kettlebell workshop in Phoeniz, AZ. The workshop will be fours hours long and it will be from 11am to 3pm on Saturday April 12th.

The workshop will cover:

proper technique of kettlebell swings and snatches. How to implement the powerful hip thrust for incredible power.

How to do kettlebell cleans without banging up your arms and screwing up your wrists.

Kettlebell presses: one arm presses, two kettlebell presses, seated presses, sot presses, see-saw presses. How to make the body super tight for increased strength and safety.

How to do clean and presses to increase your pressing power

Core exercises: Windmill, side press, bent press. Why you want to initiate these exercises by pushing your butt out rather than simply leaning over.

Leg exercises: front squats, one legged deadlifts, one legged squats, overhead squats.

I will also cover KB drills such as: the turkish get up, floor presses, alternate rows, and much more.

As a bonus, I will be going over several bodyweight drills as well such as: Handstand pushups, one arm push-ups, one legged squats, janda sit-ups, headstand leg raises, Power breathing, back bridging, and a few surprises.

I will be offering a pre-registration discount until March 15th. The early bird price is $75.00. After the 15th, the registration price will be $95.00. If you pre-register with a friend before the 15th, you both get in for $65.00 each.

I have yet to find anyone to “partner up” with to get the $65 admission, so if you’re interested, TNickT, lets do it up!

Bump for anyone interested in signing up for KB workshop…

<—Scottsdale, AZ… I am in Tucson right now attending school at UofA. Im down to meet.

This will be my last bump in an attempt to find someone to sign up for the Mahler workshop with. Remember, if you sign up with someone else, and before March 15, the price is only $65, as opposed to $85… PM me or reply in this thread if you’re interested in taking advantage of the “team up” price. Thanks!

I just saw the post about T-Men in the Phx area. I not exactly in the metro area. Anyway I am up here in Globe, AZ.

This is a little off the original subject but…
I’m relocating to the Phoenix area and would like to know of a good place to work out.
Preferably West Side style.
Garage Gym?

From scottsdale

Tempe here

T-Vixen here, I’m in Mesa, my boyfriend just put together my new (used) squat rack for my very own “garage gym”. Now I just need some flooring… I’m not lifting exactly right now, had a major surgery a few weeks ago but should be back in the game in no time. Would be interested in meeting/talking diet in the meantime.

Also, searching for other Vixens who Olympic lift as we are putting together an all womens Oly lifting team from the area.

I’m in Chandler.

Was in Scottsdale, living in Mesa now. I’ll be on your women’s O lifting team HOT AZ…

SicTorn - you’re on but I figured you’d be!! Call me this weekend :slight_smile: SB


Lets get something together.

Hey- we have a great Boot Camp planned for October out here in the Gilbert, AZ area. If any of you are interested in Charles Staley’s Coaching program and want to come to the Boot Camp, this one will be awesome!!! Just PM me a phone number and I will call you with details-Julianne

I’m in Gilbert

mesa here, would love to gather up for a az roundtable.

Ok, lets work on a roundtable. Any suggestions as to date or place? I am free some nights after 5 and weekends. For those who are trainers, would Sunday be best?

Anyone going to the bodybuilding, fitness and figure show in Phoenix today? Its at Madison School, 5525 N. 16th Street in Phoenix. Pre judging is at 10am ($10) and night show is 6:30 ($20 general admin). If you go to both shows, cost is $25. More info at www.donrobinsonproductions.com

I’m going to the prejuding :slight_smile: