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T-Men/Vixens in Phoenix Area?

I searched the forum and from what I found, it looks like Cowboy Gene, Machine, TBaug, and Justin all live in the area. Some posters I recognize, others I don’t (relative T-newbie, around online issue 110 or so, but never really checked out the forums until the last 3 months or so). Anyone else live in the Phoenix area? Do we have enough for a “T-Cell”?

I live in Mesa.

So we have one in Mesa, I live in Gilbert- an East Valley “T-Cell” of two… :slight_smile: Anyone else?

I’m here in PHX.


OK, cool, that’s 4, 3 of which are in the East Valley- TNickT, where exactly in Phoenix are you? Is anyone interested at all in meeting up, exchanging ideas, perhaps getting a T-Cell type of deal set up- I assume T-Cell status gives us incredible discounts on Biotest supps, right moderators? :slight_smile:

{Note From MOD: No}

Phoenix, too

Actually Mesa. I didn’t bother to put down the exact city, sorry.

Wow! I didn’t realize we had so many. I’m in Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale. Let’s form the T-cell fellows. I’m not sure how many we need but 5-10 sounds like a good start.

Well, Machine, with you we have 6, 5 of which are in the East Valley if we count Tempe as your location, M. SlapMonkey, whereabouts in Phoenix are you? I would like to get together to talk training, diet, etc. I know several prominent trainers live and work out here, maybe we can use T-Mag influence to get an hour of their time to pick their brains…

If we get together I’ll be doing much more listening than talking, I’m really new to the lifting life.

Im in Gilbert also

Oopsie-pooh, never said where I was exactly. I’m near Avondale, around 105th.

Well, I don’t know if you guys saw the post but Mike Mahler’s having a kettlebell workshop in Phoenix in April- that may be a good way to get together. Also, in his workshop email, he indicated that “If you pre-register with a friend before the 15th (of March), you both get in for $65.00 each.” Anyone interested in signing up together? I don’t have too many friends that are interested in that kind of a different workout- they mainly go to 24 hour Fitness and stare at scantily clad women :slight_smile:
Anyway, as far “talking vs. listening”, I would also most likely be doing a lot of listening- I just discovered T-Mag about a year ago, and have only recently been putting all the principles together- I will most likely be laughed at the kettlebell workshop for my lack of strength, but I’m willing to put forth the effort to train and learn. In the Atlanta T-Cell meeting thread, it looks like they had some interesting ideas, I especially liked the concept of bulk ordering from Biotest to take advantage of discounts!

I might be coming with my training partner but if he decides not to do it I will sign up with you (Nick M) to receive the discount and get it for $65 each. This workshop could be a good way to get the Phoenix T-cell established. I’ll be pretty busy throughout the semester but do train at 12pm M/W/F/Sat at ASU with my friend and might be willing to have a third if you are interested in a Renegade/WestSide hybrid approach (that we’re using for football).

Nick, great idea about making my workshop a get together for the Arizona t-cell. Lets plan on having a big meal at a restaurant after the workshop and having a few beers. Also, don’t worry about not being the strongest guy in town at my workshop. If anyone laughs at you, they will be doing a lot of pushups.

I’m in central Phx. Work and travel in Mesa, Scottsdale, Peoria. My guess is there’s many others yet to post out there. Good going Nick.

Machine, thanks keep me in mind if your training partner can’t go. As for the workouts, unfortunately, I’m a working stiff, usually working through lunch also, so joining up for your noontime workouts would be tough. I do have every other Friday off though, and I’m in the ASU evening MBA program so I do have access to the SRC- maybe in 2 weeks we could meet up for a workout! Mr. Mahler, thanks for the encouragement- I am definitely in for a post-workout eating/beer get-together. Where are you holding the seminar? My personal Tempe favorite is Four Peaks- awesome food, awesome beer. Let me know what everyone thinks!

Nick, I am working on a location right now in Phoenix-Scottsdale. It will most likely be outdoors in a park in the area. If you have any recommendations, send me an email at mahler25@yahoo.com. We will definitely get together as a group afterwords.