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T-Men in UK or Europe??

Hello, I’m posting from Italy, old Europe. Till a few weeks ago, I was working-out with my buddy. His girlfriend is half-italian, half-english so we had a chance to travel to UK. We both use her address to purchase Biotest supplements. It is somewhat funny yet unhappy to notice that it is legal to import stuff from US to UK, as well as it is from UK to Italy, but it is not from US to Italy. Weird. To make a long story short, he broke up and now we don’t have our contact, damn him! (I know I appear kind of selfish). I would like to know if there are guys in England which I can get in touch with and have a mutual supplement exchange. I would stress on the fact that I’d prefer to correspond to someone that is used to the “T-mag” kind of thinking, and much better if he has already used Biotest supplement (suffice is to say that I still have two bottle of MD6 from last year purchasement, 10 bottles!!!)
Hope to have replies, hi, Marzio.
P.S. I’ve posted some picture here a few month ago, I think it’s under “mars70” nick for curious people.

Go to the UK T-cell thread,there you shall find all of us Brits.