T-Men in New Zealand

Are there any T-men in Hamilton, New Zealand. I’m moving there soon.

I used to live in Hamilton, so I guess there’s my old training partner, but probably no-one else. I think we were the only two guys who looked like we’d done weights in the whole city! I can tell you the best equipped gym is Physiques at Westfield Chartwell. That’s where we used to train. Most people who train there are housewives, office workers etc, but the equipment is the best-two squat racks, bench, incline bench, shoulder press and about four olympics bars+LOADS of 20kg plates. DB’s only go up to 45kg though, but on the bright side, you’ll be the only one in the gym using them!!

I’m in Auckland!

I’m in Auckland, New Zealand. About 150km North of Hamilton. Where are you moving from?


T-mate,I live in Hamilton New Zealand.There’s at least four decent gyms here. Where are you moving from and when?

I’m moving from ak to hamilton in 2 weeks already have a membership at Les Mills so will be going there. Anyone need a training partner? interested in doing the latest Ian King stuff.