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T-Men in Dunedin, NZ

Calling on t-men in Dunedin NZ. I am moving there in a few weeks and will be training at Les Mills.

There is one in Wellington :slight_smile:

Why Les Mills? I live in Dunedin and train at Y Fitness in Moray Place. Drop me a line at my hotmail address and we can hook up.

Great. Watch out for rattlers.

Guys has anybody ordered 4-ad-ac or mag10?
Would it get through customs?

No I haven’t and sorry don’t know. I checked out the customs website but they didn’t help, I did however learn that I can’t import Patagonian toothfish, anti-personnell mines, chemical weapons and whales (or part thereof), BUGGER!!! I would be interested to know how you get on tho. Didn’t the Hurricanes have a good season LOL, go the Mainland, couldn’t believe the Crusaders score last night.

He…he…i went to see the website of the fu#%ers.
I feel a bit disapointed …why can’t i import some mines?!
They sad we should ask the Ministry of Healt in regards to Body Building sups.

I dunno if I would risk trying to get Mag10 through customs or not… hmm… thats another issue… But if you want to pay the extra $$$ you can get it through a NZ mail order company

ok i take that back… just checked the website and its not listed as stock anymore… might want to send them an email to enquire.


i’m already an auckland les mills member so i don’t have to get a new membership.

Thanks bud, i will ask them!

im at dunedin and train at the local uni gym.
i got a les mills membership for sale if you want it…i cant be bothered walking that far when the uni gym is only 200m

how much r u paying?