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T-men in Atlanta

I’m heading to Atlanta on Monday for a conference that runs until Friday. I’m staying on the Georgia Tech campus and wanted to know if there are any T-men up there? I’ve contacted John U, and he said he’d hang during the week. I’ll have time in the evenings for working out or playing, so if there are any T-men around, let me know! The Dogg is coming to play!

Cool bro… I live about 20 minutes away from GT. Shoot me an email at drsantillo@hotmail.com and I’ll take you to my gym.

Doug - what part of ATL? I used to live on Roswell Rd and lift at Planet Fitness but now live in Macon but travel back up there frequently, usually lifting at the Gold’s on Howell’s Ferry.

Hey, I lift at Planetfitness now…I’m sure you gotta know Carlos and DJ.

I live in dunwoody, on the northeast corner of atlanta, and work out at a Gold’s Gym off of Spalding Rd. I’m not sure where Howell’s Ferry is, but it can’t be too far from me if it’s in Roswell. I’m going up to Macon later on today to party with some friends at UGA. If tomorrow is a lifting day for you, maybe we could meet somewhere up there and get a lift in?

Santillo - you must be new around here. Macon’s south of Atlanta by about 100 miles. You’re going to Athens if you’re going to UGA, which is 100 miles to the east. Howell Mill is actually close to downtown. I went to the PF on Roswell, not Buford highway, which at the timr was home to Curly Top, Willie Stalling and Darryl Stafford (Larry, Moe and Curly of pro BB but a lot dumber than the original three stooges).

Nate Dogg, your coming too late. Im gonna be staying in Norcross this weekend and im going to buckhead saturday night.

yep, you’re completely right. I got the names mixed up. I’ve actually lived here my whole life… I meant I’m going to athens later today… My sister just graduated from law school at Mercer, so the name Macon is fresh in my mind. sorry…

Goldberg, we’ll have to hook up another time! Sucks that I’ll miss out on meeting you this week. Doug, I’ll see you when I get into town! Take me to the gym and let’s rip shit up! I just hope they have those chin/dip belts so I can add some weight for one of my workouts next week!