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T-Men From South Africa


I was wondering if there are any T-men from South Africa? I don't want to be the only South African here.


Hey, Iam from SA


Quite a few of us. I'm in Centurion.


Yep, I'm from Joburg, the south side.


I am also from Centurion. I go to planet fitness in centurion!


Does anyone here know where to buy Alpha Male locally? I know of a store in Centurion that is going to be selling it at the end of Feb.They are getting limited stock.


I get my stuff from Springbok Pharmacy in Alberton. They have almost every Biotest product, but the pricing is ridiculous.

Although If you had to order from this site, the custom charges slapped onto the shipment would probably be quite high as well, unless you have a large order;).


I go to Wayne's Gym. Just up the road.

Biotest products are ludicrously priced.
Buying some of the stacks that the guys on this site takes would bankrupt me.


Their products aren't THAT expensive if you order directly from them, and then there is also the quality factor.

I definitely prefer using their protein powder when I can get some, and I'll see what I think of Carbolin 19 when I've been using it for about 2 months.


Also from SA - West Rand. Visit the VA all over.

You can also get some Biotest product from the EAS store in Clearwater, Strubensvalley. But as already mentioned they are quite expensive....