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t-men are from mars..


great articles this week, but t-men are from mars...cardio 6 mornings a week?!?! what do the other women here think about that?


Six days of cardio a week is completely unnecessary in my opinion. In many cases this can slow down progress.


I'd like to reiterate something I've stated before and was only solidified by this article:

I am not a vixen.


she made some solid points in regards to hormonal differences. but i think the training info left a lot to be desired.


What Thunder said. Absolutely.


I really liked this article. Why? Because it flies in the face of the dogma on this forum that men and women should always train the same.

I've heard that same line now a hundred times. As soon as a woman asks how to train, or a guy asks, "how should my wife/girlfriend/sister train?" 20 people reply with the same answer, "no differently than men."

How much help is that?

I don't believe that all men should train the same, so I certainly don't see how all women should train like men.

Training is a completely individual and the way someone should train depends on their goals.

For the writer of this article, her goals and her body require her to do 6 days of cardio. So what? For someone else, her goals may be different, and so she should train accordingly.

Men and women are different. They respond to training differently. They may also have different goals. I hope this article opens up peoples minds to the idea that not all women have the same goals as men and there is no one "right" way to train.

The next time a female asks how she should train, or some guy asks for training advice on behalf of his wife/girlfriend/sister/etc, I hope someone bothers asking, "what are the goals?" instead of shoving the same, "no different than men," again and again.


I don't believe that all men should train the same, so I certainly don't see how all women should train like men.

Beautiful. Couldn't have said it better myself.

But I do definitely agree with what the other posters have said so far.



I should have looked for this thread before i made my post...so my response to this article will be a new thread.


If I do too much cardio, I lose muscle. 6 mornings a week would be too much for me, if dieting. I do not want to lose any muscle. I also lost muscle when following the modified German Body Comp "Bowlful of Jelly" workout plan with high reps, supersets, and short rest periods.

However, I'm sure there are women who do benefit from that much cardio. I've gotten the impression Tampa-Terry does quite a bit. And then again, my husband gets good results doing WAY more cardio than I ever would have recommended. And he did great on the German Body Comp program too. As a couple, we defy the gender stereotypes. I like lifting, he likes cardio.


Anderson I was just about to write the exact same thing. Guys pull your heads out of your butt and look at the woman giving the advice. Wow! That should speak for itself. I think that's what most women want to look like. I am going to give this workout to my wife and see how it goes. She needs a break from circuit training anyway. Normally I like alot of the advice given here but I am going with the Article on this one; mostly because I have a feeling most of us would make horrible looking women. :slight_smile:


Eventually, we will see a day when science can give you a really personnalized training (and eating) program based on your genetics (and testing).

In the meanwhile, it`s one-size-fits-all or if your are lucky one-of-the-three-sizes-fits-all (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph). Same thing for immunonutrition (allergies, intolerances, etc).


So we should ask Ronnie Coleman how to get big and shredded too right? After all, he is a 6-time Mr. Olympia.


Whew! I knew this piece would be controversial here in T-Man Land, but not to this extent :wink: However, I do love a good debate.

As for disagreeing... the majority of the piece is pure science. One can't really disagree with physiology unless you'd like to get Mother Nature to start posting on the Forum.

Regarding the training.... There's an infinite amount of ways for one to train whether you're a man or a woman. I present one. The strategy I propose I KNOW for a fact works. It has worked for me... it has worked for many of my clients. It is information I have gathered through the years from other figure and fitness athletes. I don't profess that it will work for all women... but for many. As Anderson states, it really does depend on the goal of the woman. I assume in writing the article that many women DO want a physique like mine and that is who this piece is for. It is not for women who want a more muscular, bodybuilder-esque physique.

As for cardio that often... If a typical woman wants to get lean, she is more often than not going to have to do a significant amount of cardio. I've had great results with the exact program outlined. And yes, it can "slow progress down" if you're in a building phase, but keep in mind here I'm talking about a woman trying to lean out and sculpt what she has. The program I propose is not an anabolic program by any stretch of the imagination nor is it a program to be followed 12 months out of the year.

Other than that, I do appreciate all the comments!


Kristin Reisinger


I'm with Anderson on this one.

Keep in mind that Kristin was NOT advocating 5lb bunny curls with pink weights... or 1/2 inch "Prissy Steps" on the Stepmaster...followed by a "Slim-Fast" shake once you start to sweat.

Instead (at least from what I read), she was suggesting merely the possibility that men and woman may vary in the focus and emphasis that they may have. In fact, she recommended VERY similar intensities when she ended her article with a link to concepts advocated by CT.

I think that this may be a good "FAQ" article/link for not only "T-Mag" but for all of us when the question is asked about designing a program for a female friend.

Like some have said...my hats go off to Kristin for writing the article. This can be a TOUGH group!



Thunder, what are you saying? Do you think her physique looks inconsistent with the training program she describes?


[qupte]Guys pull your heads out of your butt and look at the woman giving the advice.[/quote]

I did. My stance has not and will not change.

So do I...and that is why I cannot agree with 6-days of cardio. I speak from 20-years of experience.


One more thing:

I'm in the same boat as you.


How this for a change everyone is made diffrently male and female. Thats why we all a look diffrent. We should all be training diffrently. There is not one indvidual with the same gentic make-up or someone with the same goals.

So, programs should really be about indviduals.

One should train one way because their friends or someone in a magaizen says they should train this way. Remember all work-outs are guidelines. That are produce on t-mag and other site. They are not meant to be followed literally. More to guide you and see what will fit your routine. As far as the article goes I kind of agree and disagree at the same time.

In Health,

Silas C.


Also take a look at her articles again guys she does do (front squats, Leg Press Hack Squats) Cardio that she does is H.I.T.T. And she refers to Christian's artile "Fun with Women" for the # of reps, sets and intensty. So if your saying that she is wrong then Christian is wrong also?

In Health,

Silas C.


I would love to able to talk to Ronnie Coleman I am sure that he would have a huge amount of insight into what it would take to get huge and ripped. Although being Mr. Olympia isn't my goal it couldn't hurt get a few pointers (OK a lot of pointers). Experience with your own is the determining factor in any workout. I still believe that the workout could do a lot of things for a lot of women wanting to change their body. If the cardio is too extensive drop a day, but don’t nix the entire workout.