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t-men and firearms

       Any T-men (military,police and rec) religiously shoot firearms. If so what do you shoot and what do love...... H&K, SIG, Glock, Berreta, any 1911, Ar-15(m-4 variants) etc.

H&K usp 40
Berreta M-9
Springfield M-1 (m-14 variant)
Going Back to my Marine Corps days
M-16, M-4 carbine w 203
M- 249 Saw
M-240 G


ive got a couple fo .22's, an old school beretta o/u, a winchester defender, and my favorite a sig .40cal.


I give this thread 5 more posts before some knee-jerk estrogen soaked liberal idiot hijacks it as an anti-gun thread.


I got a Glock 22 for my birthday. My dad has too many guns to list but they include trap shotguns, silohette rifles, IPSC pistols, you name it and we've owned it or shot it.


Glock model 36, compact .45 = the finest Glock known to man.


Starting with my favorie
Desert eagle (black)
Ruger (very old)
2 22's pistols
2 12 gauge moss
3 22 rifles

Favorite guns ever fired
Desert eagle


Stoner. If you don't know what one is, where it was used or who Eugene Stoner was, you don't know firearms.


Semi-auto baretta 12-gauge shotty, what a weapon.

Other than that I like my old single shot, open sighted .22 rifle, it puts the art back into shooting because you only get one shot and it usually has to be a head shot to take anything down.


I prefer my brother's Pakistani made ninjato and my black market Tibetan knife.

Total cost: $10

Go thrifty self defense!


Belgian Browning Hi Power(9mm)
1911A1 45.
Mossberg Riot Shotgun


Mr. SIG, meet Mr. Emerson. You two will be great friends.


I am all about my Bear Super-Strike XLR. I am looking into attempting to make my own longbow, but will probably just go with a recurve. I have always been a bit more primitive than most.


this shotgun is ok, but my favorite is my weatherby .30-06 springfield in matte stainless. I really want that venison to drop quickly.

Of course for fun......Samozariadnyia Karabina Simonova (SKS) =hard to beat!


Nothin but long guns.

Ruger 1022
Win. 12g. pump (short barrel)
Rem 12g. pump
16g. single
couple of .22 singles
Win. M88 .308
Stevens 22/410 over/under


.40 S&W Sig Sauer
12 guage Browning BPS

I've shot a variety of other rifles, pistols, and shotguns, too many to recall.


theres a handgun somewhere in my basement, its got no bullets but i can throw it pretty fucking hard


This isn't a bash but a serious question. Im from England and have no experience with guns at all (nation of knife lovers!!!). My best friend is from America and is an avid gun collector and comes from a family of fire arm lovers. We lived together for 3 years and spoke a lot about guns as he loves them and he could not imagine not owning any.

Just wondering what it is about guns that you all like so much.

Please help to enlighten an ignorant Brit.


Spiderman, If you ever get the chance to fire a firearm either semi-auto or if you are really lucky get to fire a full-auto version you will understand. It is hard to describe. I have shot since I was 4 years old. I have hunted in the past, but very infrequently. I think it has to do with the power of what you hold in your hand. It's realy no different from driving a motorcycle at 110 mph or jumping out of an airplane. It just fun to do and it is a very safe hobby when you are taught properly. Like I said shoot an HK MP5 or an old Tommy Gun sometime and you will be hooked.

Oh yea....
Glock 17,26,22
Mossberg 590
Rem 700 PSS in .308

I think in going to have to go shoot now! Thanks for bringing it up!!!!


I think Spiderman just explained reasoning for the outcome of the American Revolution. :slight_smile:


Favorite all time S&W 4506. Favorite carry gun, S&W 5906 with a Chiefs Special Airweight backup. Shotgun - Mossberg 500. Rifle to keep around the house, Mini-14 with a real Ruger 20 rd. mag.