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T-men and attractive women

Not sure if this has been discussed before in the thread … but from my own experience, when women go for the “muscle type” they mostly opt for a guy with a lean and muscular physique rather than somebody who’s only big.

Case in point I have WAY more offers on the table now that I’m 215lbs at 7-8% body fat than when I was 240 at 15%. I was bigger, probably stronger but didn’t have much success.

But when it all boils down to it, it has a lot to do with the current trends. A few years back thr Backstreet boys, NSync and DiCaprio look was seen as the most desirable look to have. It was “sold” as the peak in sexyness and as a result us big guys really didn’t get much action!

I must say that since Vin Diesel has gotten famous I get hit on WAY more often (I went to a movie with my GF Saturday and they had a preview from Vin’s new movie, and I could hear the whispers of teenage girls behind us telling how I looked like him …). Not that I look exactly like him, but the strong lean muscular look is in because of him.

Now, in all fairness, not all women are so easily influenced by the media. But there is a lot of women who are. The girls who are into getting attention and being the center of interest will often fall for the “latest trend”, as it will enhance their own image to be seen with a such a guy. I find that these girls often have a self-esteem problem.

On the other hand, confident girls generally know what they want and are not influenced in their choices by what society dictates.

But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.