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I spend most of my time traveling, both domesticly and internationally and sometimes find it difficult to locate a good gym while I am on the road. What do you think of setting up some listing of T-Men who would be willing to help out travelers with advice on gyms and the local scene.

Morgantown, WV or Parkersburg, WV, I doubt you’re ever through here, but if you are, get hold of me through the board, I’m on every night late. I can show you around the gyms both places.

If you’re ever in Hawaii (sorry, they cancelled Baywatch!) let me know…I’ll hook you up!

If you are ever in Spring, TX Iron City is great except for the bitchy people that own it.
Also Power house is suppose to be good.

it’s a cool idea. And if you’re headed to Gainesville, FL, let me know. I’ll hook you up with some good places to train.

OK T-men & T-vixens, I’m moving to downtown Indianapolis in a month and I need some help finding a place to train. I don’t care how grungy it is, but I need platforms and racks. I’d really appreciate any recommendations.