T-Man virgins?

please tell me I’m not alone

I need a hug!


You don’t need a hug. You need a blow job.

im pretty sure your alone bro. maybe you should stop sending pornographic pictures to all your female friends and you might get laid. lol

oh shit. I forgot that I posted this. wtf. I’m retarded. no wonder i’m a virgin lol

You can probably get a BJ from some people on that other thread.

I’m not gonna hug you. Get Rumbach to do it.

I only have one friend

what a loser

T-Man virgin…isn’t that an oxymoron?

dear scrub

I second Scrub on that one! LOL

It’s not an oxymoron if you are a virgin out of belief, rather than circumstance.

Actually, you fuckers, some men have some class and aren’t just out to get some ass. Fucking grow up.

Well being a southern baptist, I screwed up and now have a second virginity. I like to keep my morals in check. But I won’t give you a hug either.

yeah their gay.lol


Please elaborate on that weird thing you said: “virgin out of belief” crap.
Caus It sounded dangerously gay…or crab people like

Yes, I am a fucker by the very definition of the word.

I’ll have you know that I repeatedly praise the Lord every time I engage in premarital relations.

Isn’t second virginity also an oxymoron?

i didn’t want hugs from GUYS, you homos


Hey morg hook up with the guy who sniffs coke and pays for the hookers, its a start.

ok, sorry I didn’t give enough info.

I’m not gay.