T-man training for a future d-1aa football player

I will (hopefully) be playing d-1aa football next season (I am still in my senior year at HS but it is going very well) and I am currently trying to figure out what my training will be the off-season. I plan on playing d tackle so my goal is to be at 260 (@ under 10% BF) by the time training camp starts, I am currently 6’3" at 215 @ 11%, I obviously need to gain a lot of weight. This what the Macrocycle looks like, it is still a work in progress, and any help would be of great service to me (this just the strength part I will also be following many of coach Davies teachings like his rope work, GPP, and fartlek run during the GPP and special skills phase, then during the renegade I will be following all of the old coach’s program)

General Physical Preparation: Hypertrophy Phase (17 weeks) (6-day rotations)

  1. Limping/super strength Massive Eating
  2. Active rest Don’t Diet
  3. Accumulation Mass Phase Massive Eating
  4. Active rest Don’t Diet

Special Skills Phase 1: Maximal Strength (6 weeks) (6-day rotations)

  1. Intensification strength phase Massive Eating
  2. Active rest Don’t Diet

Special Skills Phase 2: (6 weeks)

  1. Tsunami Training Massive Eating

Specific Preparation Phase: Speed-strength (6 weeks)

  1. Davies Renegade Training Don’t Diet

So…do you have a question?

It sounds as if you have the fundamentals down solid. If you are actually capable of doing the massive eatin meal combos(is this really possible with hours of football training a day along with weight training, and school?) If so I would not deviate from the meal combo practice for the entirity of your program so that you can easily transition into a reasonable fat loss program when you finally finish (its hard to be fast if you are a fatass) remember to get ample rest and avoid over training.

A Tackle at under 10% body fat…HA ha haha ha ha…If you pull off a fifty pound weight increase in one summer you will either be the biggest fucking genetic freak(even if you use drugs) or the biggest piece of shit. Bro. I also am training for Football…(D-end) and I have all and I do mean all the drugs available to me…There is no way I would try to put on 50 lbs in four or five months. I am 245lbs and shooting for 275lbs and I have set the time limit at 2 years…I don’t mean to come down on you but I just don’t want you to be dissappointed if and when you gain that weight, you will be embarrassed to take off your shirt. Good luck bro, maybe we will be teammates in the NFL.

If you sign at a college talk to their strength coach and see what their program is. I would recommend moving down there for the summer if they have a summer conditioning program, which most schools do. It will give you a great jump on the other incoming freshmen. It’s going to be hard to gain that much weight and lose bodyfat, just rememeber that bodybuilders don’t play defensive line and it’s ok if you get fatter, as long as it doesn’t affect your speed too much. Lots of rest and lots of food.